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Jane Scrivner Skincare - The Epiphany

The Jane Scrivner brand is a winner 6 times over with the Beauty Shortlist Awards in 2017, so, this makes me sit up and take notice. Also, the fact that they have a cleansing balm certainly peaked my interest.

Please check out Jane's website here to find out about her and the brand, I won't take up this post explaining, I know, like me, you just want to hear about the products. 
This has a little of the Alice In Wonderland about it, items arrive with try me samples, the packaging is small and neat, but, as Alice discovered, from small packages great things may happen.
Jane Scrivner has haunted my Instagram for months, I've seen the products everywhere and read nothing but good. But, this is the thing, the descriptions given by many just put me off, the cleanser was waxy, it layered onto the skin, it took a lot of removing (not the case at all) the 'OO' cream left the skin matte, (it doesn't, it leaves skin smooth, less obviously oily in my case, but still dewy), these are two products that I would have bought had I not read those comments. I should have listened to my instincts. Then the lovely Skintrovert, my Instagram Canadian chum raved about the cleanser, now, here IS someone who knows his stuff and in who's opinion I trust, he said I'd love the cleanser and that was good enough for me, I did the deed.
From one package my skin care love was reignited, not that it ever wained dreadfully but, I had become bored of myself saying that skin care I was using was ok and nice, it just didn't feel enough, that's not a review, it's just safe words.

From the first use of the Nourishing Cleanser, I knew, it was exactly what I and my skin had been looking for. I started the samples the same evening, Skin Elixir and 'OO' Over The Top Oil, this was the start of something else, I loved the condition of my skin on first application, it looked good and felt even better. By morning I was already eager to get back in with the elixir and 'OO' cream, they made my skin look its best and I loved it.
By the time the samples were just hints of product I had already ordered replacements for the elixir and 'OO', I just couldn't survive without them, the thought of it brought me out in a cold sweat.

My lovely friend had indeed known me well, I love this brand, I had the pleasure of talking to Jane Scrivner, it was by message but the pleasure of sharing the love was wonderful and her enthusiasm for her products is infectious, the care that is taken to present each item and ensure the whole experience is a positive one for the customer. The individual card with the person who has packed this box makes for the personal touch, the 'try me' packages with more products that 'I need", no really, 'I need them'.

I was kindly sent their Firm Believer Body Serum, which is luxurious, rich, silky and the glow on the skin is incredible, my skin feels and looks great with this. More to come when I've slathered my body for a few weeks. 

Having stocked up with my essential products I received a free gift of the full-size Body Bath in the fragrance peace, calming, soothing and comforting this sweet orange, myrrh and benzoin can be drizzled onto the surface of bath water or add a few drops into the palm of your hands and apply to the body after your bath. Again, more to come on this beauty when I've languished in my bath a few times. 

Jane Scrivner has a great selection of products, my skincare routine has been paired down, (this routine is changed when I am trialling new skincare, I focus on the product of the moment, it's essential to get the true picture of the product, therefore my routine is affected). But, I have discovered a brand and products that really make my skin look and feel its best, add to that body and bath products also, plus some of the fluffiest cleansing mitts ever! 

More to come on the products from Jane Scrivner, check out my Scrivner love fest on YouTube here
My thanks have to go to Skintrovert, his Instagram is skin care heaven and his advice is spot on, one of the few who I actually trust, check him out here

This is not a sponsored or paid post, some items were sent as pr, some gwp and some bought with my own pennies, I just wanted to share the love. 

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