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There are a few items that I will be using over the next few weeks and months, here's a peek at what's coming to the blog.

Redken, leave in No Blow Dry, I have the one for fine hair, I wash my hair and then when it's still damp I add a small amount to my hair and sleep with it loose. As yet, I'm not entirely convinced, my hair appears to think blow dry is more Scarecrow hair, but, leave it with me. 

Miropure stock a range of hair, nail and beauty products on Amazon, they sent me the manicure set and 8 makeup brushes. I'm looking forward to keeping on top of my pedicure routine now, it barely exists, other than taking the colour off my nails and reapplying, so, this is going to come in very useful. We all know you can never have too many brushes, so, here's more. 

I finally jumped on the Jane Scrivner wagon and I couldn't be happier, there will be a post and video to come about my experience and how it changed my skin care life. 
I bought the cleanser, of course, I did and the samples led to me buying more, then, Jane kindly sent me a parcel with more supplies, plus the most gorgeous cleansing mitts.

Bio-Essence, like a rich jewel I have a jar of the 24K Bio-Gold Night Cream, I do struggle at times to release skin care from its pretty packaging. This will be out and added to my evening routine this week, more to come in a month or two.

More to come not only on here but, check out my YouTube channel 

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