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NUJO - waving the EYE WAND

Nujo, Eye Wand - Is this the beauty tool that casts a spell?

The Nujo eye wand is simply packaged and I love how light it is, even with the AAA battery in, this barely feels like effort at all.
The device fits easily into the hand and makes the use very easy, it positions perfectly to work on the eye area.
Using micro vibrations, this device activates when it touches the skin, you hear a buzzing, it vibrates 158 times per second, I had no sensation other than the soothing feeling of the applicator.
Use this over eye products and let the cooling wand help massage the product into the skin. I use it only on the orbital bone and keep moving it, inwards - out, but, also outwards - in for those fine lines that don't all go the same way. I also took this over my frown lines.

I also found it cool, the metal tip massager is ideal to use on the temples when you have a migraine I use a facial oil or cream, and just smooth the product and apply pressure. If you suffer from puffy eyes generally or react to pollen, this is a great way to soothe the eye area and give the eye a work out at the same time.
I used this as part of my nightly skincare routine, if you dislike the 'using finger and tapping product' into your skin, then this little device works a treat, it blends products into the skin and feels therapeutic at the same time.

I am oddly addicted to this little wand, it works my products in and around the eye area with ease, but, I like that I am giving my eye area a little workout, it's a mini power plate for the eye area and also maybe tightening the skin ever so slightly, it certainly leaves the area smooth and I don't use as much product either. 
Abracadabra, Nujo Eye Wand has its eye on you. 

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