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L'Oreal Paradise Found -

L'Oreal Paradise Extatic mascara has adorned the lashes of so many since its launch this year and received high praise. Mascara like so much in beauty is a personal thing, depending on the look you want and the length, thickness and colour of your lashes, we each have our dream mascara. This may have just answered my long-held wish to find a mascara as good as my favourite high-end mascara that I still mourn because it is over-priced, so, I can't bring myself to buy it, but, how I miss it and still recommend it as one of the best I have ever used.
L'Oreal may be my Fairylash-Godmother. 

I have found paradise, this is a FABU-LASH mascara, lightweight packaging rose gold and bronze casing, which makes a bloggers heart zing. With a 'name in lights' type of font, it is so promising and then the big reveal, the wand. I'm all about the wand first, this did not disappoint, substantial, thick bristles which are super soft and flex to the lashes really coating them with the product. 
The wand combs through the lashes leaving super long and voluminous lashes, the mascara is creamy and rich, it coats without feeling dry, from the first application this mascara creates false looking lashes without them feeling of product overload. Take day into the evening by adding further coats and you have the most amazing fluttery lashes, that stay until you dissolve it away with eye makeup remover or cleanser, it does remove easily, softens quickly and you don't have to worry about 'mascara morning after', not a flake to be seen.

This L'Oreal Paradise mascara has certainly answered my dream for a high-end replacement, it gives the same finish and perfection to the lashes that I love. There is no transfer and even a sneezing fit didn't dislodge this wonderous coating of true black mascara. 
I have found lower priced options, this is mid-range, but, it's a keeper for the peepers, worth every penny.

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