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Farmacy Cleansing Oil

Farmacy has the most divine packaging for its Clear Bloom cleansing oil, a heavy opaque bottle just delights as the box unfurls from around it.

Reading the words 'makeup glide away oil' kind of tempted in after my major sulk at the out of stock situation, 'again' with the Green Clean cleansing balm from the brand. 
This is purely an overview and brief idea of the product so far, one week in, a full review will be on my YouTube channel in a few weeks.
This clear oil has fluidity, it is quite watery, I use a small amount and then add more as needed or it does break the barrier of the palm of my hand and drop into the sink. 
All ingredients are naturally derived, this oil uses a variant of Echinacea Purpurea known for it's highest concentration of the natural anti-oxidant Cichoric Acid, this evens out the skin's tone. Adding water is the 'bloom' aspect, it creates a silky milk cleanser, ideal for morning use or as a first or second cleanse in the evenings.

I have started using this as the second stage of my evening routine, I find I need a more substantial product to remove the majority of my makeup initially, but, this is a great finisher for my skin. Perfect for use over the whole face, it doesn't sting the eyes and is very soft and gentle, my skin feels clean without being tight or dry. 
This cleansing oil can be mixed with water in the palm of your hand and then applied to the face. I prefer to pool the oil in my hand and apply it alone to my damp face and add more water as needed. The consistency is very watery, so, adding more fluid doesn't really work for me. 
Currently, it is early days, I have found it softening, delicate and very gentle as a cleanser. So far, so good. 

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