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Chantecaille Healing Mask

Chantecaille Jasmine and Lily Healing Mask, a step away from my usual collection of charcoal impurity stripping masks and the many hydrating options that gather dust in my 'mask drawer', yes, I have a designated drawer, more for my need to organise than having too many, but, the latter also applies.

My adoration for this product began with a sample pot, I just wanted to apply something that was soothing and moisturising, just a relaxing product and one that I could also comfortably leave on my skin overnight. 
The Chantecaille Jasmine and Lily is a revelation, a creamy, dewy texture, presented in a heavy glass jar, think of a paperweight, this is the skincare packaging version.
This is first aid for skin in one pot, developed to aid stressed, dull, tired and environmentally damaged skin. It soothes, nourishes and calms, leaving skin super soft and smooth.
Although heavily ladened with floral ingredients, I personally don't pick up the scent barely at all, it is very subtle and that's the beauty, it is all about the product working for your skin not, the aesthetics. This mask uses rose, jasmine, lily, evening primrose and macadamia oil, mimosa, Vitamin B5 and chamomile, it doesn't have mineral or palm oil, petroleum, synthetic colour or fragrance and no detergents. Recommended use is to apply over a cleansed face and leave for 15 minutes, read below, how I use in my routine. 

This mask works for me, in many ways, it is the Ying to the yang of my retinol, acids, Aha, Bha regime that I love. This is my skin's day off, my care package, my Sunday evening treat for my skin and I love it. 
After cleansing, I apply this over my face and I personally take it under my eyes, it is so gentle. Then, I leave it, all night, for me, it is too good to remove, gradually it sinks into the skin and by morning my skin soft and bouncy. 
A great option if you suffer from redness to the face, slightly blemished areas are calmed, I have found it essential after a migraine episode, as my skin looks so drab and grey from the experience, this lifts my skin.
I also use this topically, hormone breakouts, reactions to products I am trying a great mask if, like me, you get dehydrated areas on the face.
If you do prefer to remove your masks, I recommend running a bath, apply this mask and then relax back in those bubbles and let it work at your skin, remove using a damp flannel/cloth or muslin cloth. 

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