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Rouge Bunny Rouge - hopping about this brand

It started with a blusher, to me it was a work of art, stunning in colour and the presentation was a sight to behold.
Imagine my thrill when the brand asked if I'd like to try a product from the range, I replied with one and the most fabulous parcel arrived with many Rouge Bunny Rouge items, I was overwhelmed with the gorgeousness and generosity.

So, what has me hopping with excitement from the parcel, well, I'm quite partial to skin perfectors and Serene Light really is perfection, this tinted lotion blurs imperfections, gives a glorious glow to the face and the soft focus finish can be left or a further base can be applied over the top. It blends stunningly onto the face and makes me look healthy and bright.

Cheeks In Bloom and they are with this stubby little stick of blush, creamy with a lovely luminous glow. The colour is rich and blends really well when using fingers, tapping the colour onto the face really presses it into place. The shade Manet is a flattering warm pink tone, great to lift the complexion in the Winter months, the creamy texture is so soft. 

Blushers, and the For The Love Of Roses range, this is where Rouge Bunny Rouge set my pulse racing with the stunning Orpheline blusher, check my review here
The quality of these blushers can only be appreciated when applying and wearing them, beyond a powder they are the colours that compliment, brighten and lift, they are soft to apply, highly pigmented and stay true all day. I was thrilled to receive a second Orpheline, I do love a spare of a product I love and now I have the delightful Gracilis, a soft mauve that lifts the cheeks in such a subtle, yet, effective way, it also makes for a rather lovely eyeshadow. 

Delicata I have used more than I expected, again, as an eyeshadow but it's a great shade for taking further back on the cheeks. I use a warmer pink on the apples, this works to give definition without contouring the heck out of my cheekbones and looking gaunt, a superb shade in its glorious subtlety. 

Habanera, warm, taupe with a peach warmth that works on a very soft level if you like a little cheekbone creating, it's very natural and also looks good to warm the face during the Winter months, the tone is perfect, no orange garishness. A soft powdery dusting of powder perfection. The blushers really are a superb addition to my collection.

Seas Of Illumination offer three shades of highlighting liquid, I have Sea Of Showers, a golden warm tone that can be used alone and patted onto skin or mixed with moisturiser or foundation. One drop of this tranquil pool of iridescent liquid gives a pearlescent glow to any area of the face, it really is stunning on the cheeks. This shade gives a flattering golden warmth to the face, mixes well with other bases and although subtle it gives a healthy look to the face.

This is a brief overview of the products I have, there will be further in-depth reviews as I use the items more. 

Check out the website here, for the full range of stunning products and gorgeous visuals, where you can see the products used to create the looks and buy the items. 

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