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Facial Mists - play misty for me - Winter Skincare

Facial Mists, are they essential? I managed for years without them in my routine, I introduced them around the time exfoliating lotions were added and I liked the spritz of cooling mist over my face after the application. I have even attempted to work without them and after four days, yes, I was counting, I had to spritz. So, what do they do for my skin?

My first introduction was the divine Caudalie Beauty Elixir, the aroma alone was worth the wait, it is addictive and brings refreshing relief on the hottest days during the summer. So, there is the first benefit, facials mists are great to throw in your bag and use on hot days, they can be sprayed over existing makeup and as most have a fine spray they don't disturb the makeup.
The most obvious question is what is the difference between facial mists and cans of water, well, it's simple, water is water, yes, initially it's cooling but it will evaporate, doing little for the skin, mists have added extras, oils that give makeup that glowing look, skincare ingredients to hydrate, mattify etc. It's an added skincare extra and I love the feeling of a delicate mist on the skin as I apply my facial oil or serum to my dampened skin.

From Caudalie, I discovered the Pixi Skintreats Glow Mist, a bi-phase mist that is shaken and then applied over the face, this is super lightweight and delicate, it hydrates without wetting the skin overly, containing 21 natural oils this is another favourite and a repurchase many times over.

Pixi features again with this specific hydrating milky mist which contains Hyaluronic acid, shake before application and spritz over the face. I find this has a little more substance, 'consistency' wise, not in a bad way, I prefer to use this as part of my skincare routine rather than over makeup, it works well when pressed into the skin and followed with oils and serums.

My latest exploration of 'another' facial mist is one from the brand Alpha H and their Moisture Boosting Facial Mist, this contains Witch Hazel, lavender, aloe vera and rose. This is a good face covering mist, not overly wet but you feel the product and I use this only as part of my skincare regime, rather than a mist to enliven my makeup and face during the day. This did cause a little tingle when I first started using it but, that subsided.
Serozinc from La Roche Posay must get a mention because it is one that I use often and yet currently, my skincare cabinet is bare of said item. It is anti-bacterial, super light-weight and comes in two sizes, one is an ideal addition to the handbag, it is also a great product for refreshing the face during the day and ideal for soothing sunburn.

I suppose facial mists have become a habit, but, I do like to apply my oils and serums onto the dampened skin they create and some are superb for freshening makeup. Mists are often mentioned as ideal during the warmer months, but, if you work in an air-conditioned office, you have your central heating on at home, these hydrating mist options will be a blessing to your skin.

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