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Institut Esthederm - Intensive AHA Peel

Institut Esthederm has something rather appealing in the form of an Intensive 12% AHA/BHA peel.

Most of us want our skin to look its best, we are not always searching for miracles, just healthy looking skin and AHA's & BHA's are great for skin regeneration, which sounds complicated, but, really isn't. Alpha and Beta hydroxy acids are potent ingredients that encourage skin cell renewal, so, dead cells fall away revealing healthy, bright skin. 
Institut Esthederm has a concentrate of lactic and salicylic acid in this serum, which works to correct dull and uneven complexions. Testing has shown this serum to improve the texture of skin making pores look more refined and skin has shown to be more radiant and clearer. The peel is housed in a sleek grey bottle, the pump dispenser delivers a creamy serum which smells fresh and one pump will cover the face, I do use more as I take this serum over my face and down my neck and chest. 

Without a doubt, any AHA, BHA product helps and improves the general look of my skin and the texture, this was no different. Applying two pumps to the face and then using the residue down my neck towards my chest every other evening gave me an improved tone of skin, the product is absorbed immediately, no residue on the skin. I rely on AHA's and BHA's as standard now, (it is always worth noting that Salicylic acid can be a problem if you have allergies to Aspirin), they slough away the dead skin cells but also work on dullness and the skin's texture and have anti-inflammatory properties.  Institut Esthederm has become such a respected brand from the varying products I have been fortunate to try, this again, gives me my skin at it's best.

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