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Jane Scrivner - Firm Believer - a daydream for the body.

 Jane Scrivner has a firm belief, it's not just about what goes onto the skin but what goes into the body also, water, herbal teas, eating foods that have a high water content including salads, fruits and vegetables. This is the Scrivner skin investment, water keeps us and our skin in a healthy state. So, you take care of the inside and let the Jane Scrivener range give you your 'best' skin. To the tune of Daydream Believer and a slight change of the words 'Wipe the sleep out of my eyes and reach for firm believer every day'. Firm Believer is a body serum and it takes a damn good product to keep me using it when it comes to my body, I am fanatical about my facial product, but my body, well, it is hit and miss, this changed all that.

An elegant, statuesque bottle stands proud, this therapeutic complex of organic apricot, avocado,  jojoba oils with essential oils bergamot, neroli and red mandarin condition and soften the skin, giving a smoothness to the skin a more toned appearance.
Firm Believer has a definitive way of working, as recommended by the brand, as I did this method I can't tell you if being blasé with the product will give less pleasing results. Before first use, exfoliate the skin, I used a body brush on my dry skin and then used a granular exfoliant in the shower after, to ensure my skin was rid of as much of the dead skin cells as I could. Then you use as much of the serum as you need in the first week and it is scary, my skin drank this stuff down in seconds, they do warn you may use half a bottle initially, mine was over half, but, I neglected my body. Then after that, a couple of weeks for me, I noticed I needed less and less, my skin was silky, smooth and not gulping the serum into the skin, by a month to five weeks, I was using a few drops and my bottle keeps giving. I try to use this after every shower, mainly in the evenings and it really has vastly improved the look, and condition of my skin, I have also had less irritation which I get on my legs, especially during the Winter.
This pump dispenser allows you to control the amount of product, I pool it into my hands and apply to my body, you can also pump this directly onto the skin. Fabulous for areas that need a little more care, neck downwards in my case, although, I actually apply from my ankles upwards, towards the heart, always massage products in that direction, blending and working the serum into the skin. A slick, more oil consistency than serum, this blends well over and into the skin, leaving skin hydrated and certainly after months of use, a little of this goes a very long way if you follow the exact instructions.  I can see my skin on my thighs looking less 'poddled' the tone was quite dimpled, it isn't gone, but the surface looks smoother and better conditioned.
I also use the serum on my neck and down my chest, the residue from applying to the body is always sufficient.
Firm Believer is a wonderful alternative to creams and lotions and if like me, you prefer an oily consistency, well, this ticks all the boxes for body care and ultimately fabulous looking skin.

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