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Ren Calming Mask

I had a sample, just a small tube of the REN Evercalm Ultra Comfort Rescue Mask, of course, as with most things I over-looked it in favour of other products I knew and used. However, my favourite healing masque had finally hit the bottom of the jar, every last bit, gone. Now, I don't really get any severe skin issues, I am lucky, but, I like to occasionally just give my skin a little gentle love and healing, comfort masks are ideal for my skin.

Evercalm is presented in an airtight, use every last bit, plastic 50ml pump container. The green-tinged mask is creamy, it dispenses easily and blends to a clear, matte film on the face. It smells of citrus and plastic, odd, but that's what I pick up each time, ingredient wise it is 100% natural fragrance. As it sits on the skin, the plastic note fades.
Anyone who has used Ren will know the list of what it doesn't have in it is extensive from parabens, sulphates to glycols and synthetic fragrances or colours. The brand packaging is the skincare version of War and Peace, every detail is there to read. 
Evercalm aids stressed skin, sensitive, irritated or, if like me, you just want to use a product to relax with and nurture the skin. 

Ren Evercalm can be used up 3 times a week, I generally use it after a run of applying retinol and or glycolic, it's a rest for my skin and evenings are always the time I feel masks fit better into my routine. Onto my cleansed face, I apply a layer, it disappears completely, no tacky residue. I leave it for 15 minutes and remove using a muslin and towelling cloth. 
My skin is always smooth to the touch and very clear, I have an incident that explains the results of this mask, it involves our dog, anyone will know how playful they get and I was caught on my cheek when playing tummy tickles with our barmy bulldog. My cheek reddened and had a mark, I applied the mask to the area and left it for 30 minutes, when removed there was nothing to see, the mark or the redness, clear skin and no irritation. 
I have become more particular over the masks I use now, I head for hydrating, which this also does, calming, soothing, nothing too heavy-handed and it's a treat for my skin. 
Ren Evercalm does exactly what it extensively says it does on the box, a great dupe for a more expensive favourite of mine, a dupes video will be coming soon to my YouTube channel. 

If calm is your thing, then Ren has the answer.

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