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Urban Decay - say eye eye to Christmas Gifting

It has got to the stage where the little people I bought for to help Father Christmas out, are now rather grown people and know exactly what they'd like for Christmas. When it comes to makeup, well, it's a level playing field for me, I can converse with a 16yr old about Urban Decay and forget the 31 years difference!
And, that's my point, makeup is ageless, I wear it, my friend's daughter wears it and we both love Urban Decay, so, stepping away from the notorious gift sets, an eye palette is always a success I have found and this brand know how to make an eye palette. 

Urban Decay, the list of makeup choices is endless, lipsticks, eyeliners, makeup setting sprays, concealers, correctors, foundations but, beyond anything else, it has to be eyeshadow palettes and the amazing range of Naked palettes. Generally, people who love makeup, without a doubt love an eye palette, now, it can get technical, do they wear warm or cool tones, to be honest, any colour can be worked with but as a guide, if someone wears silver jewellery they will generally suit cool tones, gold jewellery leans towards warm tones. If you now an awkward individual like myself, who wears silver but, suits warm tones, well, buy them a book voucher!
Eye palettes usually include matte, satin and metallic shadows, so, there is a texture to suit all and the colours will range from nude to dark shades. Urban Decay palettes also include a brush, these are some of the best, so, make the whole palette experience even better. 
Which one you ask, well, let us begin with my favourite and the first of the Naked palette journey, the original -

This is a joy from the light shades through the centre of the glistening golds and warm chocolates to the deep night of Winter shades, I have used this more than any other palette, and, I have them all. I must say here, I bought all but one, which was pr and then Urban Decay so kindly sent me the first four they released, so I have spares! But, before that, I was an avid fan of the brand and the range. 
This is ideal for a beginner through to someone, like me, who throws makeup at their face as often as they have a wash, so, basically every day. A warm toned palette with highly pigmented, stunning shades. 

The Naked Palette 2 was my least favourite, cool toned, it's the calm before the storm in makeup, although, it does contain a couple of darker shades. These shades are the ground of the forest, fern greens, soft browns, greige and then a midnight black for those brave enough to smoke out their eyes and really add impact. A safe and pretty palette, the brush is fabulous. 

The third palette is romance in eyeshadows, it is warm pinks, burgundy, rich reddy browns, glistening mauves, a delight for anyone who adores warm tones. This takes you from delicate to smokey eye with ease, each colour like butter to apply, the satin shades are amazing. 

On the fourth day, well, the fourth palette was all about smokey eyes, and I love the choices. It does offer more for those who love piling on the eyeshadow and blending out a smokey eye but, there are softer, delicate shades that can be used alone to create a more subtle look. 

Launched this year, it's a hot one, The Naked Heat palette, in the flesh it is amazing, warm, golden and glistening, aside from the first palette, this is my next favourite, I literally want to use every shade. There isn't one I wouldn't use and in most palettes, it is fair to say there is generally one that never gets used. 
This has warmth, it's hot and superb to use all year round. 

Palettes make an ideal gift to start someone of their makeup journey, help add to their collection, above all, Urban Decay is something that a makeup lover will be thankful for. 

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