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Brushing It Off - Wet Brush

The Wet Brush, it's so much more than a brush!

Last year I bought a beauty box set and lurking within was a Wet Brush, it wasn't long before it became my most favourite item of the collection and I couldn't imagine how I had managed without it. 
This is no ordinary hairbrush!

What makes the Wet Brush Detangle so follicly friendly? firstly it's the bristles which are exclusive to the brand, Intelliflex, these strong yet flexible bristles are firm with one stroke through the hair but, they give on the next brush through. There is no stress on the hair as tangles and knots are smoothed through without pulling and losing hair strands. The SofTips that sit upon the bristles are dipped twice to ensure their softness and flexibility, they protect the hair and are great if you suffer from a sensitive scalp. I've found since using the Wet Brush, I have less split ends and my hair has certainly looked healthier. 

Secondly, it is perfect to take into the shower, on to the beach or even to use in a salon, made from Evergreen wood, this naturally waterproof material is so adaptable and light-weight, it certainly doesn't weigh my handbag down.
I have always felt that brushing hair when it's wet and at its most vulnerable wasn't an option, but, I do get small tangles and these would often dry, so, I was pulling at my dry hair to remove them. With the Wet Brush, I can use it on my wet or dry hair without worry, it eases through my hair, and I am not dragging and pulling hair from the scalp. 
I went back to a paddle brush briefly over Christmas and regretted it, my hair was so knotty and this just pulled large chunks of hair out, I had already noticed my hair looking thinner, so, this wasn't helping. Back to my original Wet Brush and then this PR beauty, my hair is already looking far better, healthier and I am not losing as much. 

I've used other detangle hair options on the market and they not only hurt my scalp but, made the knots worse and caused me to remove more hair from my head than I would like.
The Wet Brush has the delicacy of a head massage with the fine-tuning of taking care of each hair strand, thereby giving you your best hair with ease.

Wet Brushes can be found at ;

Look Fantastic -
Boots -
Cult Beauty 
and their own website here 

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