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Davines, the divine shampoo that gave me my hair back.

I was perusing the Cult Beauty website, a dangerous idea at the best of times, when a brand jumped out at me, Davines. 
In the back of my mind I had read a post or seen a photo of the range and someone was raving about it, well, it would be rude not to try it, so, the most obvious choice was the shampoo for coloured hair. A first impressions post but, wow, what a first impression!

Davines is owned by the Bollati family and from 1983 the Italian, Parma-based brand researched and provided high-end haircare for other cosmetic brands. After years of hard work and research, the family began their own line for salons. Now it is available for us mere mortals and we are blessed with the style and spirit of the brand, their products are produced to a high grade with glossy results. 

taken from the Davines website

NouNou was the only choice for me and my coloured hair, home dyed for so many years, I truly dread what may lurk beneath the years of boxed dyes creating the illusion of no greys. 

NouNou is nourishing, on a large scale, I mean, my hair can be swishy with a nice shampoo but this, well, my hair was soft, bouncy, shiny and all the 'you're worth it' hair tossing you can imagine. 
NouNou combines the best natural ingredients with the highest scientific offerings to create an effective, yet, caring product. It deeply cleanses and conditions hair using chestnut milk, helping to strengthen hair are ingredients, tomato extract and hydrocreatine, proteins then help protect and fight daily environmental aggressors. Just like the skin, this is the moisturiser you never want to run out of for your hair. 
This was certainly a result from the first use of the shampoo, it is still early days, but, this had my hair the softest and in the best condition I have seen in a long time. The fruity, herb smelling warm scent is gentle, a little of the product goes a long way, I generally always add a little water to the pooling shampoo in my hand and work it through the lengths of my hair and then work the remaining liquid into my scalp and roots, that way I don't overload my greasy scalp and my dry ends get some love. 
Beautifully scented as it works through the hair, rinses out easily, no residue left - it's hard to tell how a product has performed until my hair is dried. The results have me a little lost for words, I can't remember the last time I had hair so soft and silky. It has also not been as greasy at the roots and certainly brushes through easily without looking too static or fine, both of which happen more as I get older. 
I do like to change up my haircare products, but, I have a feeling that this may be a keeper for a very long time. 

Davines is divine. 

Have a browse at the Davines range, they have hair and care for all when you're next 'not really shopping' at Cult Beauty.

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