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Drawing A Line Under It - is this farewell eyeliner?

As my eyes become droopier, yes, it's happening and although I would rather it didn't, I am not lying awake at night worrying about it. What does keep me awake is why Ben & Jerry's don't make Minterwonderland ice cream all year round?

Anyway, back to the droopy parts of my face, so, eyeliner, a favourite of mine and generally I am pretty good at applying a cream, liquid, fluid and pencil liner, years and years of practice. I have in the past mentioned my 'wonderings' that liner may not be working for me as I've got older, a dark black line across my lids doesn't add a full stop finesse to my makeup, it is now just a harsh line and although through habit I feel I still need to add it, in reality, I just see from the dreaded 'selfie' that it isn't accentuating anything, rather the opposite.
The last few months of 2017, I tended to reach for soft pencils to add a subtle hint of depth to my upper lash line and into 2018, I haven't bothered at all. Oddly, I miss the concentration of using a black liner and the effort of trying to get the same flick on both lash lines.
I do like the simplicity of my look, although my eyes look so naked without their lid of a liner. A habit of years that I may need to let go of, maybe, always maybe.

Is this the end?
I sincerely hope not, especially, with some amazing liners out there, more blending, maybe, less sharp lines, who knows, but the joy of makeup is it is always evolving and there is always a way of wearing it.

I refuse to draw a line under it, quite yet.

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