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Beauty Pie - JapanFusion

Beauty Pie just keeps tempting with skincare and now we have Japanfusion, the range to boost the skin's hydration. Here are my initial thoughts.

Japanfusion is a 4 piece system, cleanser, hydra lotion, serum and cream, developed to give skin the optimum hydration, using anti-oxidants, de-stressing ingredients that also balance, brighten and soften the skin. Having already a drawer full of serums and moisturisers, I plumped for the cleanser and hydra prep lotion.

The Pure Transforming Cleanser is presented in a 100ml tube, pink in colour with a black spaced font that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  The actual product is a white cream that I apply straight to my face, either morning or evening or both, it fits easily into my skincare routine. I blend for a minute and then add water, this transforms the texture into a milky makeup destroying cleanser, lifting away makeup and surface oils on the skin. I always use a cloth to remove the product, but you can splash this away from the face.
The cleanser works at hydrating whilst cleaning the face, anti-oxidants inhibit the appearance of pigmentation areas, skin certainly looks brighter which counterbalances the dark areas most definitely. Vitamin E,  grape extract and citrus fruit derivatives all work towards a protected, healthy, hydrated, smoother and brighter skin.
I love the gentle texture of this cream cleanser, I have found it works best for me as part of my morning routine and I follow with the Hydra Prep. It cleans my skin leaving it fresh, smooth and bright, a great way to wake the skin up in the morning.

The next step in the range is the Hydra Prep Lotion, this is the powerhouse of the range, it balances and hydrates the skin but also prepares the skin to optimize the absorption of the skincare that follows. Like the cleanser this hydra prep has a quadruple yeast derivative that delivers moisture, it also suggests firmness is improved, in these cases I often find my skin is smoother but, I am cynical about being able to firm the skin, there may be a temporary lift but, I often think it's what I want to see, rather than it actually happening. However, I adore this pink-tinted bottle with the solution swishing within. It smells sweet, leaves no residue and grasps at the skincare applied after, my skin feels smoother when I use this and then follow with a serum or oil.
I will certainly be tempted to try the rest of the range which all include ingredients that help lock in moisture thereby lessening the look of fine lines, add to these some skincare helping potions, Jabara extract from the Japanese citrus fruit, rich the Vitamin C and a great option if you have pigmentation, as I do. Delamyth, this comes from the peels of the Delaware grape, hopefully, the rest of the grape creates a lot of wine! which soothe the skin and fight free radicals. A pretty range, eye-catching, travel-friendly packaging and ultimately lovely skincare, so far, and I am aware it is early days, I am enjoying using and seeing the results, brighter skin, less dehydration.

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