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Vee Beauty - Cleansing Balm, I'm going to need a considerably bigger tin!

Vee Beauty LDN - the natural way to a beautiful you.

Vee Beauty is exactly that, a lovely human who makes her own natural/organic beauty products. Vee's interest was in creating a range without the added chemicals, as she states on her website, we often use on average 12 personal care products a day, which combined can include an average of 168 chemicals. So, the journey began, creating a range that is chemical free. Now, we have Vee and her range which are 100% natural, something for everyone. No products are tested on animals and packaging is kept to the minimum, thereby respecting the environment. From single lip, hair and skincare items to hampers of products, there is a product for every member of the family and I was fortunate to be sent two from the range to try.

Let's talk cleansing first, show me a balm cleanser and I'll show you a drawer full of cloths to remove the said cleanser, I am always ready to try a balm and this was a delight in every possible way. Lavender and Lemon Cleansing Beauty Balm has a zesty scent and the lavender lingers behind, which I really loved, the freshness was uplifting. This balm to oil is seated in a cute 50g tin, my love for it means I will need, and that is a tremendous need, a considerably bigger tin. Once applied to the skin, the balm went to work on all my makeup, yes, mascara too, I don't wear waterproof, so, I can't give guidance on how effective it will be but the brand does state it will remove waterproof mascara and the darkest of lipsticks. Using beeswax, coconut and olive oil with shea butter, these work to soften the skin, lavender oil within this product is very subtle in its scent which I prefer, although I am always aware of it as I massage the balm into my skin and feel the worries of the day drift far away. The lemon oil is my favourite of all, it just makes me smile, the uplifting effect I am thankful for on my darkest days, it also aids brightness and radiance of the skin. Eucalyptus and Tea Tree oil aim to stop any pesky breakouts and keep skin as blemish free as possible.
I totally adore this cleanser, it's easy to use, smells amazing, leaves my skin smooth and very clean, it also comes with its own cloth. Please note the website does recommend a skin test 48hrs before using this product. It is also NOT suitable for NUT allergy sufferers. It may be small, the brand is working on creating a bigger size, but, this cleansing balm is the answer to your cleansing dreams, perfect for a morning cleanse, even better, use it twice, yes, twice, double cleanse and feel how soft and smooth your skin is and how clean and bright it looks.
Vee Beauty has my skin care routine all cleaned up, grab your tin today, you can thank me later.

Vee Beauty has a range of lovely natural handmade products, I will be featuring the hair oil at a later date.

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