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Cue the Mission Impossible theme tune, imagine me swinging and jumping from buildings to hide the secret product that Jane Scrivner kindly sent my way. Well, now, the secret is out and I can finally yell my utter adoration for this product!

Jane Scrivner dropped a non-descript plastic bottle into an order I placed, top secret it said, don't tell a soul or we'll have to take all your skincare away, forever, actually, I made that bit up, but, this was a secret and I could only keep annoying the readers of my love of a product I couldn't actually talk about.
NOW, at last, Jane Scrivner brings you and has brought me a miracle in a bottle. Skinfolate - Natural Organic AHA/BHA Resurfacing Exfoliator, before I tell you the composition of this wonderous potion, I must declare I was instantly wowed, I'm careful with skincare, it's months of use before I will commit myself, unless the product is terrible or damn genius and this falls into the latter category, my skin after the first use was gleaming clean and it felt amazing. I messaged Jane immediately to tell her it was bloody brilliant and then continued to harass the poor woman with my exfoliant love.
So, this is a natural AHA/BHA exfoliator, in a sensible 150ml plastic bottle with a flip cap to make application to cotton wool pads easy, the price is £26, it clears the dead skin cells, decongesting the skin and giving pores a thorough clean, whilst stimulating cell renewal, boosting the elasticity and leaving skin brighter. Formulated with natural fruit sugar and plant acid extracts this can be added to your every day/evening skincare routine. I use this over my face, neck and chest, the first use there was a tingle, by the third use I wasn't aware of anything and it has stayed that way.
This unique blend that actually staggers product penetration to the skin is the best exfoliant I have used, and, I have used a few. For me, it is near to the performance of Biologique Recherche, but better.
With a recipe including Malic, Glycolic, Lactic, Salicylic and Citric Acid, this gave me the healthiest, brightest, smoothest skin, it's kept it balanced and the products used after application of SKINFOLIATE have performed better and my makeup is flawlessly glowing.

Available in the UK only, currently, from Jane Scrivner, this is one product you will buy and buy again, grab a bottle today, actually grab two, you can thank me later.

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