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NANOGEN - getting to the root of the problem

From the age of 4, I wanted 'long hair', too many Rapunzel stories and the swishing of golden locks. My locks may have been dark, and now helped to be dark by the wonders of home dyeing, but, the dream was real. My mum believed long hair to equal hair skills, of which she had many, but, they formed her care routine for her short very thick hair, not my fine, widow's peaked hair and non-conforming follicles. I spent my early years with bobs, easy to brush and wash, my dreams of long hair lived out with long costume beads that I would hang on my head and trail down my back, swishing my imaginary princess hair.
When I came of an age that I could wash, brush and generally style my own hair, I grew it, long and down my back to my bum. But, it was fine, not the thick glossy hair, thin wispy hair, but I loved it. Fast forward through years of dyeing it, cutting it, regretting it and growing it again, to my late forties and the joy of middle age (is that still a term now, heaven knows, nothing appears allowed these days), anyway, I've aged, and my hair has got thinner.

Having tried a few 'make your hair healthier, thicker, luxurious', products and seen little improvement, I was delighted to have the offer of trying Nanogen. The brand has over ten years of experience curating a range of hair thickening and volumising salon-style products that give you salon hair, but, in the comfort of your own home.
I'm going to introduce the products and keep a diary throughout the time with updates of my hair experience.

The products I have to use are the Hair Mask - Hair Growth Factor Treatment, this weekly floral scented creamy multi-tasking product focuses on plumping and adding volume to the hair, it also cares for the scalp, which I don't feel I've experienced with other brands, the scalp is often a dried out problem, dandruff, you name it, so, my hopes for this mask are high in the care of hair stakes. Using Argan Oil, Keratin and Hyaluronic acid to restore damaged hair, reducing breakage and very importantly hydrate the scalp and hair, ingredients Pea Sprout, Redensyl and Peptides work towards stimulating the production of hair cells, revitalising follicles, supporting their sustained feeding so they grow and last longer and collagen stimulation around hair follicles which reduces the loss of hair. Visible results are suggested between 2-4 months if the product is used twice weekly, but, results may be seen after the first treatment.

My next Nanogen product is the Root Boost Hair Thickening Spray, this lifts, thickens, minimises colour fading - always a positive for the home dye girl that I am, and the signs of sun damage. Now, this lovely spray, packaged in the purple of the brand with gold accents has provided me with a dilemma, it is by no means essential but the product has added benefits when heat activated, basically, a hair dryer is useful and what haven't I used for over twenty years? you got it! (recommendations welcome).
The spray itself smells floral and in a rather comforting way, it smells of a hair salon, or at least my memory of one, hairspray, setting lotion, shampoo and hair dryers. Use after every wash, it is light and non-greasy, so, it can be used on wet hair, but, dry also and I am sure I could get some results even without a dryer, time will tell. Keratin works to give hair the fuller effect, protecting hair from UVA and UVB is phenylbenzimidazole sulfonic acid and green tea fights the free radical damage and stops its domino effect in its tracks.
It is easy to use and can be worked with how busy you are and how hair experienced you are, if the mere mention of blow drying your own hair has you running for the hills, well, don't panic, you can spray it onto damp roots for a lift, spray onto the lengths of the hair for an all over uplifting experince, which knowing how free I am when spraying (basically I get carried away) this is likely to be my method of choice, in both cases hair can be left to dry naturally or, if your more advanced than me and actually own a hairdryer, then blast, blow and style away. What I love is it can be used throughout the day adding oomph to hair.

Nanogen meet my hair, hair meet Nanogen, let the hair-raising journey begin!

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