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Josh Wood Colour - home colouring tailored for the individual

Let me start by giving you a brief understanding of my hair colouring history, I started in my late teens using tiny tint sachets that only hinted at colour, I was petrified that my hair would turn orange, it didn't, I did once achieve a green tinge, a shade reminiscent of rotting cucumber, but I continued from tints to semi-permanent dyes in my Twenties and Thirties. Now it's permanent dyes, I always dye my hair at home, I've been raven black to an auburn sheen and now, brown, good old brown varying from dark to light depending on the season.

I have used most home hair dyes over the years, many were not for me and many were, they worked and that's all that matters really. Then, ah then, Josh Wood, the genius Yorkshire lad, recently nominated for a Hair Icon award, who's colouring skills are world-renowned, launched his home colouring range, I was there, ordering before you can say 'by eck lad, that's champion'. The dye was perfect, the first one in forever that hasn't stung a tiny area on my head that was damaged when I had a perm, I've had two perms and someone should have told me after the first to stop it! So, the dye is perfect, the Everything Mask, well, that is a wonder for the hair, never be without it. The Shade Shots are brilliant to pep up the hair between colouring it, great cool and warm tone options, seriously Josh has thought of everything and I'm going to share my home hair dye routine, please note, I am not a hairdresser, that will become obvious, I have found this one of the best kits I have ever used, with every detail taken care of.

I will be filming a 'how I dye my hair' for my YouTube channel, but for now, here's what you get in the kit and my thoughts.

The box is clearly labelled, you see what you're getting and if like me, you wear contact lenses or glasses, or you forget both and find you squint at most things, the print is large, you can see the name and the number of the colour clearly, the visual of the hair colour is a main feature of box and the shades you can expect to achieve are on the box also. It's a small thing but for me important, the box is sturdy, I loathe the flimsy packaged hair dyes that are damaged before you get them home and the products are so tightly forced into the box they are dinted also, this box everything fits without being tightly packed, so, they are easy to remove.

Within the box you have everything, and I mean everything for a relaxed, home colouring experience, seriously, they have thought of everything and then you also get healthy, glossy beautifully coloured hair. Everything is clearly labelled as you can see from the pic (yes, this is the aftermath of my dyeing for my channel), A is the colour, packed in a secure tube, the top of the lid has a puncture point to pierce the lid so the colour can be squeezed into the colour activator bottle, labelled B. I roll the colour tube down and into the activator, replace the lid and shake bottle B to mix the two. 

Anyone who had used a hair dye at home will know that the gloves are precarious, I have had holes in some even before I have put them on, so, with this kit you get salon grade gloves, they are the best, seriously, after years of dyeing my fingers various hair dye shades these are luxury and very much appreciated. Pop these on and save them also for when you're washing out the colour. 

Aside from the Salon grade gloves, this is another sign that every care and thought has been given to the customer, the kit includes a Protective Barrier Cream, no more dyed heads and ears, just me then. I even used cleansing balms to stem the dye, but, this is the proper stuff, it smells lovely and there is so much I often save the excess into a small screw lid pot and use another time. I apply this before I start using the dye and then add more after, it's just my way, you do what works for you, I find it makes me a little more careful and watchful of my application. 

No one is perfect, even Mary Poppins admitted to that, practically but not completely, and we all have moments where we find a splodge of hair dye somewhere, neck, wrist, arms, hands, towels, bathroom walls, floors and yes once a tiny spot on the ceiling in my careless twenties when I flicked my hair around like a 'because you're worth it' advert. The answer to the dilemma of this, here they go again, thinking of your every need, Stain Removing Wipes, this can be used after you've added the dye and before the barrier cream if that's your way of applying. Even after, you know, an hour later and you spot that odd mark and realise it's the dye, hold the wipe onto the area and then rub gently, they are so good the stain is gone. 

The Josh Wood Colour is a 30-minute treatment, I tie my hair up and get on with the housework etc, I set the alarm on my phone and count it from the time I am finished with applying the dye. I personally take the dye from my gloved hands, rather than applying it from the container straight onto my hair, I like the heat of my hands to help blend the product into the hair, I generally don't apply a lot through the last 4-5 inches of my hair, it already deeply coloured and I aim the colour where you see the regrowth at the roots. I don't section my hair at all, this dye proves you can have little or lots of skill and still achieve great colour and great hair. 
After 30 minutes, you can put the Salon gloves back on and start rinsing the colour, I usually shower and wash the colour away until the water is clear, then the brand recommends you shampoo the hair and follow with their amazing Deep-Conditioning treatment, this silky formula I work through all my hair blending it into my roots and to the very ends and I leave it for as long as I can. 
Rinse, and you have the silkiest, smoothest and lovely scented hair. 

I always leave my hair to dry naturally, so, it's the waiting game until I have glossy, shiny hair, it's worth the wait. My hair doesn't feel weighed down by product, the colour is super long lasting and the colour has tone, depth and life.  You can even give hair a boost between dyeing it with the Shade Shots, blend with the Everything Mask and give hair an immediate lift in colour and texture. The everything mask, well, it is the stuff of legends and I'll be talking more about that at a later date. 
So, home colouring doesn't get much better than this, after 30+ years adding colour to my hair, this is the best I've used and the most thoughtful, every detail has been considered. 
So, box clever, choose your perfect shade from the Josh Wood range, you know you're dyeing too. 

The method and processes I use to dye my hair work for me, the kit comes with an instruction leaflet to advise the best possible applications if you're just colouring re-growth or a full head of hair, read the leaflet first. Also patch test, always recommended with any hair dye. 

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