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Paula's Choice Peptide Booster - building blocks for great skin

The texture of my skin is constantly changing, age, hormones, environment and products play a huge part. When Paula's Choice approached me asking if I'd like to try one of the new Booster launches, I was thrilled to receive the Peptide Booster from a brand that understands how unique our skin is. Here are my initial thoughts from using the Booster, more to come at a later date, but, I needed to share this skin supporter.

The Peptide Booster has suited me and my skin, even the packaging, pipette anyone, you know I love a pipette and the care is taken to ensure the product within is protected and it's application of a high standard, the booster has a lining within the jar to keep it at it's best. 20ml of opaque fluid, it is clear when applied to the skin, this holds its shape, a serum in its consistency, the booster blends out and absorbs leaving no discernable trace, I found my skin was immediately smoother to the touch after application.

The Peptide Boost has been the perfect fit for me for many reasons, it accosts specific skin concerns, loss of radiance, uneven skin tone, fine lines and deeper ones by harnessing a powerful combination of ingredients to strengthen the barrier of the skin and resilience. In an age where we expect the immediate, the instant, the now, there are skincare products that are worth your time and commitment, many work hard, but, they have a lot of work to do and you will see the results but, after weeks, months and sometimes a year down the line. The peptide booster is worth your patience in my book, from years as a skincare consultant, I learnt that my preference was the long-term result givers, gradually your skin moves forward, improving, using this booster supports the existing peptides in the skin, thereby protecting, strengthening, repairing and building resilience. This is a great option for anyone who has tried Retinol and found it too reactive for their skin, the gentler approach isn't a bad way to go. I have had a few recent skin issues, unusual for me, but, my own fault, over-exfoliation with AHA & BHA, plus using Retinol, stopping has calmed my skin and the condition since pairing back on the 'strong' stuff has made a positive difference, no itchy, angry or irritated skin.

This small, yet powerful product contains 8 different peptides, the reason for this is peptides each have their own secret mission, they target different skin issues, so, one will calm redness, another will smooth the skin, another will work on sun damage and evenness of the skin. It's still early days but the booster has slotted into my routine with ease and the gentleness but effective ingredients have already given me smoother skin and in the long term I look forward to furthering improvements, brighter, less pigmented areas hopefully.
If you're into alchemy, well, the great thing about this range is they can be used together, blended and mixed to suit your requirements, something I love when brands give you the power to work the products for your needs.
All the Boost range can be used alone or mixed with your serum or moisturiser of choice, it is not advisable to add them to any SPF as it will dilute the protection, apply SPF alone, after all, skincare.

The choice is simple, it's Paula's, but which Booster will you choose?

Find the range here at Paula's Choice

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