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The Body Of Summer

I love the Summer, more, the older I get, I care less what people think, wear what I like, bronze my face to a glorious orange shade and then the arms and legs are free, and before I let them loose on the general public and local seagulls, it takes a few things to keep my limbs happy through the warmer months.

Suddenly there is more to think about, the body is showing, the flesh is out and after hiding it away under jumpers, jeans and various large knitted socks, well, it needs moisturising, shaving, oiling, tanning and lots of TLC.

Exfoliation, something I do throughout the year, but I do focus more on sloughing away the dead skin during the warm months. I live in shorts and flipflops, its the staple fashion items when living by the sea so, my skin needs a good hardy granular scrub and I love Soaper Duper ginger and sea salt body scrub. I use this as part of my showering routine, applied from the hands to my damp body, it is abrasive without making the skin sore, and I've used a few of those. This rich gel scrub smells zesty and fresh, with a warmth from the ginger, invigorating for the morning, refreshing and relaxing in the evening. I work it from my ankles upwards, brushing and massaging the scrub towards the direction of the heart, my old masseuse training never leaves me. Soaper Duper has created a gem, because not only does this really clean the skin, leaving it smooth but, it also leaves skin feeling moisturised rather than stripped dry.  A must for my shower, my skin, legs, arms, all feel smoother.

Epilation, we hide away in our clothes and I am the first to admit that body hair is something I don't like, underarms, legs etc, I just prefer to be smooth, however, in the Winter I may slightly let it go, I am not as obsessive that's for sure. I've had an epilator which is like a tool of torture, something you do get used to with very regular use, but, I have fallen back to the good old razor. On a side note, why are razors so expensive? Anyway, if I'm away I do love a travel razor and Gillette does the Venus a cute one, I apply hair conditioner to my legs and then shave them, it gives a closer shave and leaves legs etc smoother and not dry.

So, tanning, I have never fake tanned in my life, for a few reasons, 1. I'm too lazy for that intense routine, 2. even with SPF I tan, my Welsh/gypsy heritage is to thank (if my grandfather was to be believed), I just brown in the sunshine. I once returned from a boat trip on the Red Sea a completely darker shade than I left, everyone was amazed. 3. I don't worry about being tanned, it's easy to say when I don't have to work at it, but, I'm quite happy with my Winter colour, although, I would never describe myself as pale. 4. There are great hydrating products out there that keep the skin in tip-top condition, give a hint of colour and don't take a whole evening of application. St.Tropez launched an innovative idea a few years ago, the In Shower Tanning Lotion, apply to wet skin, leave for 3 minutes, I generally brush my teeth and then wash away, it is so simple, I liked it for the moisturisation properties, my skin glows and feels smooth to the touch, there are shade options, so you can add subtle colour or build to an intense finish, without streaks, but, do wash your hands after applying, the orange palm thing is real!

Finally, the aspect of body care that I neglect during the colder months, I reveal my skin and look in horror as the years pass and my skin looks drier, flakier and in need of PRODUCTS. My choices are body butter, creams and oils, I just love both and work between them, creams for my morning routine and oils in the evening, both make such a difference and especially with the oil, I try to apply it to my damp skin. This year has been a revelation, I've found two loves, the gorgeous new scent from Soaper Duper, their Nourishing Coconut Body Butter, this is rich creamy hydration for the skin and it smells amazing, truly summer in a tub. Absorbs without leaving a sticky film over the skin, but, the skin has a glow. The next is from an award-winning brand Inner Senses, I was sent the multi-tasking 7 Wonders Skin Panacea Face & Body Oil, this chia seed, camellia, black cumin and baobab ingredient filled oil, just oozes a warm peppery scent over the body, it is divine, perfect for very dry areas, I really work this into my knees, elbows, feet and hands after applying. The perfect end to a warm day.

So, a few of the body items that see me through the warmer months, there will be more in this series as I share, my nail and hand care, summer makeup ideas & skincare for warm weather.

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