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Got To Hand It To Summer

I've written many times of the neglect my hands suffer, I start a new hand lotion, cream or oil with such good intentions and then I forget, put them in the bedside drawer and find them when I'm searching for my glasses, you get the picture.
Summer brings out all the colour, the bright nails and I'd like my hands to look at their best, here are some of my hand and nail favourites. 

Nail polish, lacquer or varnish, there are some amazing shades, I do love a red nail, but, coral always stands out in the warmer weather as does orange, a colour I have been embracing this year. CND, Barry M, Ciate, Nails Inc and Beauty Pie feature high on my list of favourite polishes, they last well, give a great shine and the colours are always stunning. So, my nail colour is generally always an ongoing project, I visually love a dark berry or deep red through the Autumn and Winter, I have one green polish that I adore.
As Spring arrives I love a blue red and now we have been baking in the UK, I have embraced corals, CND Vinylux has launched some fabulous Summer friendly shades, Barry M provided me with sunshine for the nails, the gorgeous orange shade I am obsessed with. Nails Inc gives my nails high shine with a great pink shade, all look great on fingers and toes and they set off a tan if that's your thing. I much prefer to keep my nails shorter, they certainly retain colour far better and don't chip as readily. When the sun shines, anything goes, alternate colours on nails, nail art, which I don't have the patience for, I love yellow and white also, the light during the warmer months really sets off the stronger, neon or bright shades.

Top Coats, again, the brands have some great choices which seal on the colour and give longevity, for me, it is always Seche Vite Fast Drying Top Coat, super fast dry nails in minutes, gorgeous shine and polish lasts a week plus for me. 
One thing I do love to brush on with abundance is the CND Solar Oil, the fact that it smells of marzipan, could be the main reason, but, my nails and cuticles do thank me for it, I could spend all night brushing on this oil and then reapplying and then again, the scent is addictive.

Hand Cream, I have relied on the products I use on my face, the residue when I have finished applying I work into my hands, but, it's really not enough and that neglect is really beginning to show. So, who ya gonna call?, L'Occitane of course! A rich cream, but, not sticky, something I don't want to be in the hot weather if I can help it, this makes an immediate difference to my hands which you'd expect, they are so dry, anything moisturising makes them look less wizened. L'occitane stock various scents in the hand cream, I prefer a neutral or non-fragranced option. Perfect size to carry in my handbag, keep to hand on my bedside table, by the sink, one of the best formulas I've used.

I always have a drawer full of nail files, nail scissors, clippers, you name it, there is a tool to hand, all get forgotten for a time and then I have a mad evening of filing, buffing, base coating, painting and top coating. Here's to Summer, caring for my hands, painting my nails glorious shades and smelling of marzipan.

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