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Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box - a box of delights!

I have been a stickler for using brands I know, high-end, drugstore and in the main part, I have been very happy with my choices. This year, my interests have widened, thanks to social media and lovely bloggers, small brands, organic, cruelty-free are getting noticed. I've bought a few bits, and, I have discovered some heavenly potions also, to my utter delight I was approached by Skin Organics Clean Beauty asking if I'd like to see what they had to offer with their monthly subscription beauty box, I waited eagerly and here it is, my initial thoughts of the delights within and little about the brand. Individual reviews will be following.

Let's start at the very beginning, the hills are alive with two great subscription choices, the standard beauty box for £21.00 + £3.95pp or the Vegan choice, at the same price, you get the same box but items such as balms, lotions etc that contain beeswax or honey powder will be replaced with vegan appropriate products. 
Skin Organics Clean Beauty aim is the less is more approach, fewer additives in the products, so, no synthetic ingredients, we're talking no -

Parabens, Petrochemicals, PEGs (petroleum-based compounds), silicones, Sodium Laureth or Lauryl Sulphate, Phthalates, Propylene Glycol , Synthetic Colours and Fragrances, Triclosan,  Formaldehyde, Toluene, Benzophenone/PABA, Petroleum/Mineral oil, Alcohol,  Urea, PEG, PG/BG, Dioxin, Aluminium, DEET, Camphor, Talc and Carmine. 
(taken from Skin Organics Website)*

My box was the June box and the theme was Hydration, perfect for the hottie that is and nearly was the month of June. Items are presented in a white box, it all adds to the clean theme and I love that I will reuse this box. The lid is labelled simply and here's that word again, cleanly. Lift the lid and the beautiful presentation greets you, tissue paper held snugly with a label, products are embedded within the shredded tissue paper, all can be re-used or recycled, they have thought of everything. 
Each month there is a selection of 5/6 skin, hair, body and colour products, either full or deluxe size. So, what was awaiting me in my gently scented box?
Firstly, a very informative leaflet about the selection of products, each product has its own biography, links to where they can be bought and some have great discount codes attached. This is one of the best leaflets I've received with a monthly subscription box, it answered all my questions and I loved having the links to hand to check out the brands and other items they produce. 
So, the products!

This leapt out at me Cosy Cottage Soap Company, Mango Butter Foot Balm the reason, well, it sounded amazing and perfect to keep toes and feet in great condition, because it is flip-flop weather here in the UK. The other reason, it's made in Gods Own County, my mothership, Yorkshire, not only that, but a city I know so well because I lived near to it for over 40 years, York. The product is in this glass 30ml jar, the label just radiates what to expect from the product within, mango butter goodness, the scent is gentle, the balm soothes on application, great on dry heels and perfect for a foot and leg massage. This is also a vegan product, I have loved using this and also sneakily apply to my cuticles, the residue is great for the hands also. 

Next, Bespoke Aroma, a brand I have sampled before and it has been so lovely to see the founder Jo, expand her brand and range, it was like coming home when I saw two of her products were included in this box. First, Bespoke Aroma Peppermint & Lemongrass Pulse Point Oil, love the 10ml roller ball applicator, my first thought was this will be perfect for long journeys, I do suffer from travel sickness, peppermint really helps and I will use this for relaxing me through any migraines that come my way, again, peppermint and lemongrass are perfect to calm and soothe, they can't stop a migraine, but, they can ease the general nausea feeling. 

What could have been more perfect in the hydration monthly box than a refreshing facial mist, Bespoke Aroma peppermint mist is another weapon against headaches, heat and stress. The mist is instantly cooling, the spray super fine, it didn't disturb my makeup in the least. The peppermint is subtle, refreshing and uplifting, a huge favourite of mine already and the most important aspect, it's hydrating.

Bowe Organics, I adore the name of this brand and the simplicity of the chic black 10ml bottle with white font. This is shortlisted for the Free From Skincare Awards for 2018. 
I've yet to start this, but, this aims to hydrate and therefore condition lashes, encouraging growth, who doesn't want long fluttering lashes. Each oil is handmade and contains organic castor oil, great for lashes and brows too. Vitamin E helps to protect and you only need apply one to two drops to clean dry lashes, I'll be using this as part of my evening skincare routine. 

From my first 'sniff' I liked this hair mask from Lucidlure, it's very subtle, a soft nutty scent, nothing over-powering. The texture of the mask is creamy and I can imagine once into the palms of the hands this will easily work through dry hair. The recommendation is to apply from hair roots to tips and leave for 2 hours, using organic unrefined shea butter, hazelnut oil, coconut, avocado oil and more hair loving ingredients that hydrate, protect, give shine and healthy hair. My hair will welcome this after a day in the sun. 

My heart skipped a beat when I saw a facial oil hidden beneath the expanse of white tissue paper. Sofia Latif Facial Oil shortlisted for the Free From Skincare Awards for 2018, this essential oil packed beauty has a powerful consistency, a creamy oil, in that, one drop, oozed across my hand, blended far and left a dewiness that my face needs. The bottle is sleek, black labelled with gold initials and product details. The oil is a blend of organic and pure nut, seed and flower oils, these include, sweet almond oil, moringa seed, pomegranate, jasmine, Bulgarian rose, marula seed and my nemesis rosehip oil. This concoction works to moisturise, tone, protect, balance and refine the skin, the scent is glorious, it has a warm sweet aroma that immediately soothes the senses. 
I can not wait to try this and just from the drop on the back of my hand I love the consistency, time will tell if my skin reacts to the rosehip, I'll review this further in a few weeks.

Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box has been a box of delights, from top to toe, hair mask, facial mist and oil, lash oil, pulse point oil and a foot balm. A fantastic way to discover organic, vegan, ethically sourced ingredients and products, if you find organic skincare quite daunting, this is the perfect introduction to brands, many with discount codes for further purchases and I have certainly loved each and every item, even from just an initial sniff. 
Having started ordering from smaller, kitchen table brands, where products are handmade in small batches to ensure quality, I have found the customer service to be some of the highest I have experienced and the products result giving every time, let Skin Organics Clean Beauty, box clever and introduce you or reacquaint you with brands that take you to the next level of skin, hair and body care

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Please check for further information and a full disclaimer about affiliated links and pr products. 

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