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Eyeing Up Summer - mascara help for hot weather

As soon as the heat starts wilting the plants and the evenings become longer, I suddenly have the urge, the need the want to bronze all of my face, make my hair look dishevelled and my body to smell of coconuts. Hot weather and makeup isn't always a great combination, so, I've got some of my favourite products that make facing the sunshine looking a polished easier.

Mascara, the top makeup item that people need, want and long to last through the hot weather, holidays abroad or just languishing during your lunch hour. Waterproof is, of course, the most popular choice, but, it can also be a total pain to remove or, people get lazy and don't remove it properly, hello eye infections.
I opt for tubing mascaras, they are not marketed as you see traditional mascaras which is a shame, because, if you find all mascaras run, splodge, transfer, move gradually down your face during the day, these are a wonderful option without the need for prolonged removal. so, to answer the question, what is a tubing mascara?
Tubing mascaras apply like all others, but, they form a water-resistant polymer tube around each lash, these tubes don't flake or smudge through the day, they can be removed by warm water, don't worry, rain doesn't budge them, neither does a good cry, hayfever eyes or general watery eyes, tubing mascaras really take hold. With the addition of warm water, they peel from the lashes, you don't have to pull at the lashes, they ease away leaving dry flakes that can be swept from the face easily. There is no need for special eye makeup remover, oil cleansers and lot's of time as needed for waterproof.
I have found tubing mascaras to leave lashes feeling soft, they give great length and hold, the perfect answer if you find mascara smudges, runs or your looking for a 'holiday' option.

My all-time favourite has to DHC double protection mascara, lightweight, the wand creates such length and fullness in my lashes, the fineness makes it perfect for bottom lashes too. The formula is creamy and covers my lashes beautifully. This water and oil resistant mascara stays in place until the addition of warm water and then it is easily erased from the lashes, no remover needed.

A new kid on the block is not marketed as a tubing mascara, although it uses polymers to coat the lashes, but, it behaves exactly like one, Glossier launched Lash Slick, the wand has a delicacy about it, perfect for coating the lashes, this has a more subtle finish, not as voluminous. It doesn't move through, sneezing, weeping, or watering the garden and managing to spray my face, don't ask. Warm water blended onto the lashes lifts the mascara away in pieces, no makeup remover needed.

So, for hot weather, summer holidays, if you're not in and out of the sea constantly, forget waterproof which can also feel flaky and very dry on the lashes, plus, you really need a specific eye makeup remover, you can't always rely on cleansers alone. Tubing mascaras are a great option, I have yet to discover why brands who actually make them don't push them more they really are so easy and reliable.
On a side note, tubing mascaras are obviously NOT waterproof, I have worn them when I have snorkelled and it stayed in place, but, there are no guarantees if you love to swim in the sea, although the flakes just brush away rather than streaking down the face.
They really do come into their own if you have issues with normal mascaras, irritation, smudging, transfer, Tubing mascara will give you your flutter back.

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