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Filorga UV Bronze SPF 50 sun spray - giving body to Summer

The sun is shining and we Brits are moaning already that 'it's too hot' there are humans that resemble lobsters and let's be honest there is no excuse, the choice of sun protection is extensive and I have a beauty to share with you, not only does it give the most stunning glow to the body, but, it also has Infra Red protection, cares for the skin and smells amazing, Filorga have you covered, literally.

For Summer 2018, Filorga has introduced a new range of adaptive sun protection products, they provide extensive anti-ageing and UV/Infra Red protection that enhances your tan whilst caring for the skin. Using the organic compound Diethylamino hydroxy benzoyl hexyl benzoate for the UV radiation absorption, Homosalate is used for UV/IR absorption.

Filorga UV Bronze developed this range of products to focus on the care of the skin knowing that many people want to tan, so, let them tan, but, give them products that care at the same time. All products have high concentrations of ingredients hyaluronic acid, collagen boosters and Filorga's trademarked ingredient NCTF (new cellular treatment factor), this includes over 50 active ingredients that battle ageing resulting in smooth, firm, nourished and hydrated faces and bodies. The consistencies work to give a great product for the skin and finish without any stickiness on the application.

I have the Filorga UV Bronze for the body, this anti-ageing sun spray is a dry coconut based oil which absorbs instantly leaving the most sublime glow to the skin, the scent is floral, warm and summery. The spray provides a breath of product, it is so delicate, the scent envelops every sense, the product skims over the body leaving a healthy sheen to the skin, this really sets off any skin, tanned or not. I particularly love two features of this bottle of Summer, not only does it have SPF 50 protection, Infra-red protection which I have been hunting for in my face protection also, but, it is a multi-purpose product, so useful when you're in the garden, at the beach, by the river, one bottle does it all, you can use it on your hair as well and it feels and smells amazing. I apply the UV bronze at least 20 minutes before heading out into the sunny world and reapply throughout the day, although water resistant, it's safer to keep topping up your SPF, the delicacy of this spray never feels too much and blends into the skin without any sticky residue. Rather than dealing with creams and lotions, I find spray SPF oils easy to apply, far gentler on the skin and you don't get that product build-up feeling that happens with thicker consistencies. For me this gives high protection, a gorgeous finish to the skin it is a beautiful product to protect, hydrate and give skin a glistening touch.

Others featured products in the range are UV Bronze Face Anti-Ageing Sun Fluid SPF50 and UV Bronze Body Tan Activating Anti- Ageing Sun Oil SPF30, check out the full range here from Feel Unique. 

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