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Natural Wisdom - Blue Tansy Cleanser

Blue Tansy, an ingredient I became aware of a few years ago, my love for it has grown and recently it has become such a major part of my skincare routine.
Having only found expensive skincare with this blueness, I was thrilled through the wonders of Instagram to discover Natural Wisdom and their Blue Tansy cleanser and balm, insert happy dance moves, at a really sensible and affordable price.

Blue Tansy is a flower, it also poisonous if ingested, it gives with one petal and takes away with another, however, rendered correctly it is perfection as part of a skincare routine. Many brands include this beauty in their skincare and Natural Wisdom have created the most delightful oil gel cleanser, as blue as can be, with spatula included to carefully lift the cleanser to my waiting palm. Packaged in a Miron violet jar and placed in a bed of organic cotton wool, with spatulas aplenty. This 50ml concoction comprises  96.4% organic ingredients including raw seed oils of pomegranate, food-grade coconut oil, Co2 raw grade botanical rosemary, chamomile and calendula (another love of mine), extracts.
So, why did I choose this particular cleanser, firstly, it's a cleanser and I am a sucker for cleansers, balms or oils? My skin has been problematic recently and blue tansy is so good for calming the skin and ideal when skin is prone to redness, which mine has been. This also came in at just over £20, which compared to another favourite of mine that now hits the heady heights over nearly £180, well, you see my thinking.
Blue in colour, gel and oil in consistency, which makes applying it to my face all the more pleasurable, it blends and collects makeup as I massage, the ingredients combined have vitamins, omega fatty acids, which not only cleanse the skin but, soothe, repair, nourish and certainly eased my skin issues. I then wet my hands and blend the product into a light blue milky texture which I remove with a towelling or muslin cloth, using warmish water, and it leaves my skin so clean, but, importantly soothed.

I have totally embraced this as part of my skincare routine, it has calmed my skin in conjunction with other products, everything about this product screams, care for the skin and will definitely re-order. My only negative is the scent, now, I love blue tansy, it's quite distinctive and leans to the coconut scent, however, this is very sweet,  but, it's a small price to pay and it could smell a lot worse, let's face it.
From the thoughtful organic and recyclable packaging to the Miron glass jar to the blue sea of the tansy cleanser and my soothed and beautifully cleansed skin, this is a must for any blue tansy lovers, the price makes it an even better.

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