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Feather and Down - a breath of fresh air with Breathe Well

Feather & Down settled us down to sleep with their original launch of bath and sleep-encouraging products, read my thoughts here and here. Imagine how thrilled I was when they got in touch about their newest range, Breathe Well, and what a delight for the senses it is.

The Breathe Well range includes infusions of peppermint, tea tree and eucalyptus essential oils, with the ever-present lavender, subtle through this blend, as it is with the original and it works so well.
Breathe Well is uplifting, soothing, refreshing, relaxing, it has something for everyone, the glorious mint inhaled clears the senses, refreshes and has been a blessing during the tree pollen season for me, also the pillow spray has eased those pesky migraines that blight me.

I was kindly sent a bath essence, tremendous in size, with a click lid, making it easy to pour just enough into running warm water, the scent rises and this haze of minty warmth lifts you away. A great option when suffering from a cold, the Winter will be easier to face with this comforting essence, all those aches, pains and cold extremities eased.  But, it's so warm currently and the tea-tree has really cooled me down, I find it refreshing, deodorising and great to calm and cool on the hottest days, a welcome freshness from the normal fruity accents of body washes that I tend to use during the warmer months, the Bath Essence Breathe Easy is as cool as it gets.

I do love pillow sprays, the original was a favourite and hard to beat, or compare, the Breathe Easy stands alone as unique as the original and I love it.
Refreshing, uplifting, in a plastic 100ml spray, easy to transport and I have found it invaluable for travel sickness. Mint has always helped my tendency for not being the best back seat passenger, that and ginger. This pillow spray has become a car spray, my quick fix and it works, the scent immediately clears that nausea and stops my head spinning. In hot weather the scent of tea tree immediately makes me think cool, it plays tricks on the mind, but, it's a great answer if you're feeling overwhelmed with the heat.
I've spoken many times of mint making migraines a tiny bit easier to deal with, it doesn't stop them, but, it freshens the surroundings, lifting the fog slightly and both pillow sprays help me to sleep the damn thing away.

Feather & Down have created two beautiful ranges, the original if you like sweet & warm scented products, the new Breathe Well for those who like refreshing minty scents. I love both and often work the breathe well with the original.

Something for everyone, sweet dreams one and all.

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