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Nanogen Hair Diary Update - hair raising results

Nanogen update time, in June I posted about the new products I was adding to my hair routine, read the introduction here, to try and help my thinning locks, here are my hairy thoughts a few weeks on.

I hit the ground running with Nanogen, after many failed attempts with hair thickening products, all had left my hair straw like in texture and looking in need of a good wash. Nanogen was a revelation, hair remained soft, it had bulk, that was immediately apparent after using the revitalising mask twice a week, I had volume, but, without the awful texture. 
Starting with the hair mask, this does require a good 10-15 minutes of hair time, I wash my hair, roughly towel dry, wrap my hair in a towel and then do a few chores before stepping back into the shower and washing away the mask, so, you do need to make time for this product. I love the texture, the creamy rich consistency blends through my hair, the tub is fatal for me, I scoop out too much and it's not overly shower friendly, a tube is so much easier to handle in the shower, but, the product works and that's what's important. After air drying my hair, it always has volume, it looks fuller and feels thicker, it has structure rather than the limp locks I generally sport. Use the thickening spray and I am talking a serious head of hair. Currently, I have dropped back to using this mask once a week if I want that fullness of hair and I want to savour every moment, this product is easily addictive and used very quickly. I am also using it sparingly because with the hot weather and just scooping my hair up into a knot on my head, many would call it a bun, in my case it is most definitely a knot, I don't want, need, require or yearn for fullness, I am all about being cool.
It works, simple as that, if I don't use it, I rely on the spray to take me to greater heights and fullness with the locks, although that is more a quick fix, used together, you glorious full locks until you wash your hair again.

The thickening spray is a quick solution to limp, thin, not awake hair, as I don't have a hairdryer I rely on throwing my head around and working the spray into the roots with my fingers. It works, it may give me a neck ache, but my hair looks good. I love the texture of this and less is more, I also find I get great results if my hair is damp, I spray into the roots and shake my head around whilst working my fingers through my hair, then I leave it to continue to dry. As it's drying I may add a few more spritzes and keep agitating with my fingers until my hair is dry. 
I do use the spray so often, it really lifts my hair and gives it life, used in conjunction with the mask, you get the fullest of hair, I love I can decide if I want my hair full or lank and limp, it's lovely to have the choices, over time, I do notcie my hair often retains some of the fullness, although I do change my hair products often, so, a few days of no thickening products and I lose my homage to Cher hair, think (If I Could Turn Back Time). 
One thing I have noticed is that any texture I add to my hair, maybe with straighteners or tongs it holds so much easier, I can work my fingers through my hair easily and it still feels fairly soft and it looks natural. 
Nanogen is certainly hair-raising for all the right reasons. 

As part of my Nanogen Diary I will be posting a pictorial update so you can see my hair with and without using the products, that's coming soon. 

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