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The Art of Art Deco makeup

Art Deco, style moderne, clean lines, minimal decoration, the Art Deco makeup range offers many opportunities to achieve the reality of the descriptive nuances of the style.

Art Deco, style moderne is achieved by the application of just a few products, the style is in your hands, you can achieve any look with clean lines as these products work seamlessly together. Minimal, day, evening, glamorous, it's all in the products, they really gave me an enthusiasm for the multi-purpose, multi-use makeup experience. Check out my YouTube video of first impressions and application of Art Deco makeup here. There was something rather exciting about this elegant range of makeup when it arrived, the simplicity of the packaging and the promise of the items, as I found, there were some rather wonderful products and results.

Instant Skin Perfector - this was innocuous in its presentation, a travel-friendly tube, the eye-catching font of the brand, but, the perfector had hidden depths. Fresh scented, it blends down from a white speckled creamy formula to a skin adapting shade that lifts, brightens, smoothes and creates the most beautiful velvet finish to the skin, I was really taken with this product as you will see on the video. The perfect answer for a simple skin finish or as a primer to give makeup that real-life filter.

All In One Eye Primer - I have the shade balance, and it achieved just that, the perfect tonal shading of my eyelids, it lifted them through the subtle light tone of the primer and was smoothing base to apply shadow on. I found this creamy texture dried down to, again, a velvet finish that doesn't feel too drying on the lids. The eye makeup used after gripped easily and looked fresh, there was no creasing, even in the makeup melting heat of this glorious Summer of 2018.

Art Deco Multi-Stick, the answer to when you 'need' to take lot's of makeup, this lets you take a vast array of colour choices without the bulk of palettes. These sticks have several shade choices and can be used on the lips, cheeks and eyes, contour, bronzer, blush, etc and they don't take up too much room in your makeup bag. I had shade rosy toffee, rosier on my skin, which I really loved. The texture of Art Deco products was becoming more apparent, creamy, easy to apply, but, more importantly, longlasting and pigmented. I used Rosy Toffee on my eyes and cheeks, the colour gives a slightly altered shade on each of these areas, I loved the eye colour and it melted beautifully onto my cheeks, leaving a natural rosy flush. The tones were perfection and easily a shade that will transcend the seasons.

I am rather a fan of highlight, giving luminosity to my skin, the glow, the sheen, anything that glistens in the sunshine. Art Deco Luminous Skin Stick is straightforward, removing the lid reveals a white rounded product when applied to the skin prepare yourself for the prism of colour, it is quite simply a hit of light and the reflection back is a kaleidoscope of colour. I found it smooth and very easy to apply from the tube, it didn't move the makeup I had already applied, I blended it out with my fingers and the results are clear to see, no glittery finish, just a beautiful glow to the face. 

Saving the best until last, this was actually the one item I was rather dubious about, Art Deco Colour Booster Lip Balm. Depending on the ph level of your lips, this will give you your own unique lip shade, varying from a subtle nude rose to a light, bright pink. I was rather pleased with the pink tone after applying this, it neutralised my purple/blue tones and left such a beautiful shade, I really loved the finished look, you'll see on the video the resulting colour and my rather surprised, yet, pleased face. 

Art Deco certainly gave me style, clean lines and in minimalistic terms, so few products for such great and effective results. The range is available from Beauty Bay, a site I find very reliable and the delivery is usually very quick, you won't want to wait long for these beauties. 

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