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My moments with MONO skincare

MONO, I thoroughly recommend you glimpse, absorb, maybe even digest the website and the various sections that tell you about the brand and the ingredients. My time is to be more importantly spent describing the love I have for the brand, it is my new favourite range and I can't get enough.

So, my moments with Mono. It started as is often the way with a cleanser, not just any old cleanser the Rose & Cucumber Cleansing Oil an odd choice as many will know my dislike of rose scented products. I am wearing my grown-up head in this case and appreciate the benefit of rose for my skin, this also isn't overly rose scented, the fresh cucumber makes this a refreshing option for the skin. Recommended for all skin types this is a luxury oil, dissolves makeup easily, doesn't strip the skin leaving it dry and I find it leaves my skin super soft. This is also an award-winning cleanser, given the honour of Bronze by The Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards this year. 

Then my eyes happened upon this beauty, Serenity Blue Tansy Facial Oil, two things, blue tansy and a facial oil well, it was inevitable I would fall down the rabbit hole for this and it easily dropped into my basket. 
My reasoning, not that I needed one to convince myself, however, my dodgy skin loves Blue Tansy for it's calming anti-inflammatory properties, this really cools and calms my skin. The scent is great for easing stress and tension, they also sell a Blue Tansy balm called Tranquility, so, if you prefer the grip of a balm over the slip of an oil, Mono have you covered.

I always respect a brand that offers samples with purchases, it is a great introduction of products that may be of interest or may not have even been considered until tried in their delightful miniature form. The revelation for my skin was the Radiance Oil, fresh and uplifting with a mix of 12 botanical oils and extracts, this instantly gave my skin vibrancy and luminosity. This is a great choice if you're looking for improvement in the skin's tone and texture, it leaves skin like velvet. Crystal Infused with Citrine, known for healing, positivity and promoting well being. 

The Sensitive Oil is exactly that, a stunning burnt orange colour that harnesses a cocktail of ingredients to soothe, calm and soften the skin. This provides protection from environmental and free radical damage to the skin, it promotes cell turnover and the repair of damaged tissue. The scent is heavy, a proper oil scented warmth and a rich consistency. This particular oil is crystal infused with Aventurine, known for its calming qualities. 

My tiny vial of oil was the Rejuvenating Facial Oil,  the Editor's Choice in the 2017 Beauty Shortlist Awards - stressed, mature, dry, combination, normals, any of those feel they may be you, well this could be your oil. Using 17 potent therapeutic botanicals, again this is a rich oil, beautiful consistency when blended onto the skin and perfect to give that glow back to the skin. This oil is also crystal infused with the energy of Rose Quartz.

Out Of Stock, words that haunt me, and of course you want the item even more, in this case, I stalked the website, I checked it on my phone, my laptop and by the wonder and talent of MONO, the Sol Beauty Balm, in the small size was there, in all its glory, add to basket, pay, that was my day complete. 
So, what of this balm of SĂ“L beauty? 
It is the colour of sunshine, of honey, not just any honey, the honey that Winnie The Pooh would get stuck in a hole for. It is a cuddle for the skin, first aid in a satisfyingly sturdy pot. A concoction of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and those fatty acids that are preceded by essential. Crystal-infused with the healing stone of the Sunstone, promoting self-healing, confidence, warmth and positivity. Use this balm to oil for the improvement of the sin's texture from the face, neck and through to the decollĂ©tage, helping to hydrate, repair and strengthen. 

It has been a skincare dream, MONO has provided me with lovely products that have certainly cared for my skin, but, also, the attention to every detail really helps make this brand a sheer delight, from the infusion of crystals into each product, the scents that work on the mind and improvement of general well-being, superb customer service from the creator, founder & genius behind the brand, Tracy, the little individual notes with orders, information cards around the neck of the products, all make this an experience, which is what skin care should be from start to finish. 

MONO, a moment that becomes a habit you won't regret. 

Mono is 100% Natural | Cruelty-Free | Vegan

Huge thanks to the beautiful Sara, an Instagram chum for showing me the way, I discovered Mono thanks to her, she's the lady I look to for all things organic, natural and just bloody fabulous - check her out at coffeechamomilecinnamon 

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