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MYROO ORGANIC SKINCARE - by eck it's champion!

Myroo, the brand that states 'kindness is at the heart of everything we do', caught my eye with its attractive packaging, the name for me brought back Roo from A.A.Milne books on the adventures of Winnie and friends. Also, the brand is from Yorkshire, made in small batches and you know I love to be reminded of home, you can take the lass out of Yorkshire, but, you can't take the Yorkshire out of the lass.

A cleansing oil, calming, refining and a brand that charges forward to help those with tricky skin, redness, allergies - the founder's own experience led to this range being created, so, there is a vast amount of understanding, care and time gone into the brand, all of their products are natural, organic, vegan and 100% plant-based, they are free from the 14 food allergens and there are also fragrance free options that are free from all 24 cosmetics allergens. You will also see that the brand typically includes less 10 ingredients per product, all chosen for their skincare qualities alone.  I embrace the smallish brands now, I decidedly hunt them down, Instagram is a fabulous tool for this, handmade, smaller, caring, personal brands with the most delightful products. Myroo packaging is gorgeous, wish they did tote bags or even travel drawstring bags, I'd be in heaven. 
The cleansing oil, apricot, starflower, orange blossom, neroli and rosemary, the scent blows into the mind and leaves the land of Oz behind, everything is warmer, brighter and happier.
This is a plant-based oil cleanser, gentle, but, effective at removing makeup and SPF, I use this as a second cleanse in my evening routine, it also comes with its own cleansing cloth which lightly exfoliates the skin, skin is fresher, healthier and so clean after using this. 
I do take this over the eyes, it suggests not, but, I haven't had a problem using it. 

Jade rollers, the exercise tool for the skin and used for centuries, Myroo have this dual-headed beauty at the most reasonable poundage of £10, yes, I know, when you see the extortionate cost of these rollers, well, grab one today, that's all I'm saying.  I use the smaller head for my eyes and the larger head basically works the rest of my face, neck and chest. From it's cooling properties which I embrace, especially relaxing to use the smaller roller when suffering from a migraine, it really helps ease the tension. A superb natural tool that improves circulation, lymphatic drainage, work from within the centre of the face outwards, very handy if you're a weeper, a tearful soul, like me, this helps reduce puffy eyes and also soothes pollen ridden eyes at the height of hayfever season. Roller your way to a healthy glow, keep the roller in the fridge for a super cool treat for the skin, the jade roller comes a cute, reusable grey drawstring bag.

A brand that has been a 'champion' of a discovery, Myroo I am certain will go from strength to strength.

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