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The genius of INGENIOUS

This was my second experience with the Award Winning Ingenious Beauty brand and their ultimate collagen capsules, my first you can read here, this explains the product, ingredients and expectations. Have two years changed my opinion? let us see.

Then, as now, I know there are vast amounts of scientific studies that will debunk many a claim from brands about their products, and, yes, the information should be there clearly for the consumer to make a judgement on the products they are buying. In a world where we are bombarded with products that 'will do wonders' it can be a little daunting and tiresome to have so much choice and so many promises. Science is only as good as it's knowledge extends and currently understands, how often, years later we are told that, actually, they've found that you can eat something that was once deemed unhealthy. How often certain skincare ingredients shouldn't be mixed and now, well, throw them all at your face, science says it's changed its mind, which is allowed, we constantly learn and that's great. So, my point, I know there are many discussions about the absorption of capsules, cod liver oil is far better in its natural fluid state than in capsule form, can the body absorb these ingredients, really? I am a huge believer that if something positively makes changes for someone, that they feel it and see it, then it's a good thing, they see, feel and acknowledge results that make them feel better about themselves or their body, then the product has worked.

My skin has had issues for several months, over exfoliation, allergy, stress, bad diet, the list is endless, it is still an issue, though it comes and goes, I have yet to completely send it on its way, so, although my skin is healthy and looks well, certainly, I have felt more positive about it since taking the Ingenious capsules at night, but, the slight redness and bumps to the cheeks remain. My hair has been much better, certainly not as lank or forlorn, with the addition of hair products to help thicken the mane, the condition of my hair has improved, I feel very happy with the results I am seeing. Nails have been a mixed bag, I have gardened more, planted more and generally, rather aggressively, managed to destroy my nails when they are looking pretty respectable, I don't think any collagen capsules can work against half a garden embedded in my nails. When I have relaxed back and stopped pruning everything, I do get carried away with secateurs, my nails lost the crumbling, peeling layer, which was a noticeable change, although the nail beds and cuticles needed help with a nail oil to seal the deal.

For me, I feel Ingenious Collagen capsules have improved the general outlook of my hair and nails, my skin, aside from the bumps, is clear and healthy. I have personally felt more positive about assisting my body by taking the capsules, you could argue it may be the placebo effect, and, many have, but I know my own body, I see the changes, for the better, so, Ingenious, for me you are the genie from the Ingenious lamp. 

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