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SOFIA LATIF - a graceful facial oil

Sofia Latif Facial Oil was a most welcomed product in the Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box I received as a PR item, the review of the box and introduction to products you can read here.

This award-winning oil has the distinction of being one of the best scented and most memory provoking oils I have used. I love a facial oil, you know that I'm all about consistency, rich, luxurious oils that ooze onto my face and almost fizz, like bubbles in the best champagne. 
Sofia Latif, check out her website, unusually it isn't all about the brand and products, which I really embraced and admired, it educates on so many skincare concerns, it's thoroughly informative and a generous place that shares information. There is also a lovely section about their charity partner, so please do check out the site here
Now, my favourite bit, the facial oil itself, elegantly presented a sleek brown bottle to protect the contents. A discreet label has the initials of the brand in gold with the full name below and the website address. 
This facial oil has a handy pipette to allow you to judge the amount of oil you use and combines a blend of sweet almond, rosehip, marula, moringa, pomegranate, jasmine and Bulgarian Rose seed/oils. Each enriches the skin in varying ways, balancing, regenerating, improving the tone and protecting the skin. 

At first, it was the scent that caught my attention, my synapses went into overdrive trying to fathom where I recognised this aroma, this warm, spicy, rich smell, that made me reach into my memories for a time before, an experience, the scent was embracing in such a positive way, it made me smile. Then it came to me, Opium, my years working for Yves Saint Laurent, they flashed, happily, before me, the scent of Opium, filling the air around me, I adored the scent and even more the memory of all those times. Sofia Latif has produced a warm non-greasy scented oil, which when on the skin transforms to hazy sweet Jasmine scented drops that relax the senses and nourish the skin. This oil is your evening treat, a must before bed, it leaves a subtle glint to the skin, a softness and my skin welcomes the texture, it needs no accompaniment, I apply nothing over the top. This facial oil is also versatile, add it to your moisturiser, go on, do it, as the seasons change here in the UK, I don't know about you, but, I am left with lightweight products, face lotions mainly, and this is the perfect way to use them up, the oil gives substance to another product. 
Having suffered from a troublesome skin for the past five months, I have been select in the products I have used, the rotation of skincare has lessened, it was a delight to have this oil in the evenings when I wasn't coating myself in blue tansy and see it glisten with no irritation or redness, I was thrilled that the blend which includes rosehip gave me nothing but dewy soft skin. 
If you like the finer things in life, this oil, which comes in two sizes, a perfect travel option of 10ml or 30ml, glistens, glows and gives off the most heavenly relaxing scent as you apply it, a treat for the face, neck and the bits below. 

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