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VEE BEAUTY LDN - Clarifying Clay Mask

I got lazy, I relied on masks in tubs and jars to soothe, hydrate and clarify my skin, then, like buses, three powder masks came along to remind me of the joy of mixing and creating my own mask, alchemy is thy name.  

Vee Beauty LDN kindly sent me a sample of her powdered wonder, the Clarifying Clay Mask. Regular readers will know, I have adored the Vee experience from my initial introduction with the cleanser, then it was the scalp treatment oil, then I bought the lash serum and now I have a sprinkling of a review for you with the powdered clay mask. 

Vee Beauty packages her mask in a glass jar, as mine was a sample I had a rather nice envelope, as a stationery lover, this was more than acceptable in my life, I rather liked tapping out the powder into my little wooden mixing bowl. The colour is reminiscent of hot chocolate, I get no discernable scent from the powder, that does change when fluid is added and then, it's the most lovely pizazz of citrus, coffee and cinnamon, not overly strong, but I love a product that introduces itself before I've even applied it to my face. 
Most people will benefit from a clarifying mask, they are the deep cleaning tool of skincare, ideal, if like me you get the odd blemish, have oily skin, sometimes inflamed skin this will calm with the clay application, I certainly saw the redness of my cheeks subside after using this, but, always do a patch test first if you're unsure or have sensitivity issues. 
This is a rainbow packed clay mask, green, pink, white, with Lava and Bentonite clay to ensure you have the quota of clays to absorb excess oil and pull out those impurities by the roots.  The addition of coffee granules ensures that as you remove the mask you give the skin a gentle exfoliation, it really refreshes the skin and leaves a smooth surface. Tumeric is a popular ingredient and has been linked to reducing UV damaged skin, Green Tea, so good as a refreshing and a cleasning cuppa, it is also a great external treatment for the skin with its anti-oxidant properties.  Ginseng works to brighten and tone the skin with Chamomile to calm and soothe with its anti-inflammatory properties. I find it a very light mask, not suffocating on the skin and it dries beautifully. 

I use a wooden bowl and spoon to mix one part mask with two parts fluid, I use water, Vee favours Apple Cider Vinegar, use whatever you feel works best for you and your skin. If using cider vinegar remember it acts like an AHA/BHA, leaving your skin vulnerable, so, use sunscreen. 
I mix my little concoction and then using a flat headed foundation brush I apply to my face and down my neck and leave to dry. I'm always willing to show me at my best, here it is, the mask in mid-drying mode. 

You have choices when it comes to removing the mask, a cloth is possible, but, it takes time and can be abrasive on the skin. Washing it away over the sink, well, it can be messy.  I have a two-pronged attack, firstly I wash the mask away under the shower, I turn the water temperature down, soften the mask by splashing water over my face and then blend it away from the skin carefully, the scent is beautiful, I adore the warmth of the cinnamon notes drifting through my bathroom. After I leave the shower I fill the sink with warm water and then use a cloth, I press it over the face and this catches the areas I miss, mainly either side of my nose and hairline. 
I was hesitant initially with this mask, I already had irritated skin and Vee does state that you may get some redness to the face after removal due to blood flow to the surface, I really didn't want to make my face any redder, than it was, however, this mask was a blessing. My skin was not only smooth, clean and very bright, it was dramatically soothed, with the redness subdued to a hint of pink on each cheek. I found applying products after was noticeably different, my skin needed less and just looked healthier, it certainly likes the clean this mask gives. 

There are clarifying masks and there 'IS' Vee Beauty LDN's Clarifying Clay Mask, not only does it really cleanse the skin giving you smooth and clean skin, it also soothes and cares for the skin at the same time.
The product is Vegan appropriate, cruelty-free, 100% organic and contains no chemicals or parabens. 

Time to sort out that bathroom cabinet and make room for the 60g Clarifying Clay Mask, if you haven't been VEE'd where have you been?

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