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I'm Just Wild About Wild Beauty Apothecary 

Harmony, aren't we all in need of a harmonious life and skin? 
Wild Beauty Apothecary certainly offers the highest presentation of products, from the packaging to the inclusion of a tote bag, and, we all love a tote, come on, we do, ok, I do. It is often the little things that really help me, the consumer, connect with a brand when I see the care from the creation of the product to the final vessels that house the products. It all makes for the experience and Wild Beauty had me wild about their rescue mask from bottle to powder and let's not forget the tote bag!

Award Winning, perfectly packaged and delightfully delicate for the skin. 
Wild Beauty start by providing this mask in a glass bottle, which you can recycle, the label is compostable and created from agricultural waste, even the adhesive attaching the label to the glass is made from sugarcane and biodegradable. The boxes the products arrive in are 100% cotton and a byproduct of the fashion industry. The much-mentioned tote, I have safely in my handbag, all these little touches show a brand that cares for the planet, the environment and I love that it encourages 'us' to consider the packaging our products arrive in and it's educating beyond the skincare benefits of the range, you are part of the 'Wild" family when you buy into the brand. 

The Harmony Rescue Mask caught my eye when I was trying to comfort my much-irritated skin, clay certainly suits my skin, pulling at the impurities and this combines green and white clay. The green light for me was the Matcha Tea, (green tea), as part of the harmonious blend, matcha contains chlorophyll/polyphenol which detoxifies and fights free radical damage to the skin, it decreases sebum as well, often useful for acnefied skin. Helping my skin cell turnover in a gentle fashion is white willow, lavender oil works its anti-bacterial and soothing magic, well, the blend was a list of skin 'caring' and skin 'lets deal with this problem head-on' ingredients. This was my gentle giant of powdered masks, I wanted something healing, it wasn't about the refinement of my skin at this moment, it was about treating the irritation and soothing. 

I never fail to enjoy the routine of working with this mask, the packaging adds to that, taking the glass stopper from the jar, solid and sturdy, the lid reveals the contents that smoke like a powdery icing sugar genie from the bottle, a soft yarrow and lavender scent escapes, creating a calm serenity as the alchemy begins. 
All powdered masks I mix in a wooden bowl with a spoon, the recommended amount of Harmony mask to use is a tablespoon amount,  I then add water, just a few drops at a time until I get a paste consistency. I then apply using a flat headed foundation brush, they sweep and pat masks onto the skin perfectly. 
This can be used topically or over the whole face, I started with the areas of concern, but, I was soon caught up by the gentleness and soothing aroma that it now covers my whole face as often as possible. 
One thing to note with this is to remove the mask before it completely dries, I apply a damp cloth and press it over the face, this is quite a clean mask to remove, so, you could wash it away, I just have a habit of using towelling or muslin cloths. I press very damp towelling cloth over my face to soften the mask and then massage the cloth lifting away the residue. I rinse the cloth and go back for a second massage and clean up of the tricky bits that cling around my nose and hairline. 

From the first application over the irritated/angry/red areas, I could almost hear a sigh of relief from my skin. It was so relaxing and worked quickly, I removed and found the areas drastically softer to the touch, the redness was all but gone, and though the raised bumps were still there, they didn't look angry. Using the mask over my whole face, it has now become my treat to myself, a moment of 'harmony' from the blending and creating of the powder to a paste, to the tapping and smoothing of the mask on to my face to the soothing removal with a comforting warm cloth. My skin is instantly more even in colour, the red areas are subdued, angry lumps are more in a sulking mode. My concern had been to heal the skin, I can easily cover the areas with makeup, but, I want to be using products, ingredients and brands that put skin first, Wild Beauty Apothecary is that brand. 

So, if you love a small brand that thinks of the customer, the environment and the future of the planet, oh, and you love a nice tote bag, well, go wild for Wild Beauty Apothecary. 

(my review of the facial oil will be up at a later date, how could I resist a facial oil?)

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