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CLOUD CLOTH - on cloud nine

As a prolific cleanser of my face, which sounds slightly menacing, to be fair, I can be when I hear the words 'ahh pet, I just use soap and water'. For a couple of decades, I have cleansed my face with regularity, I exude the joys of using a cleansing balm or oil, or both and occasionally mention the method of removing said balm. I've used the word flannel to the complete bafflement of viewers over the pond, so, let's talk cloths, and this trio pack of cleansing cloths from Cloud Cloth.

I do love a pretty cloth, Cloud Cloth have the presentation of their cloths faultless in a delightful trio pack, each cloth has a hanging loop, so you can display them, they are too delicate to hide away and the trio pack includes a hair band, the Dainty headband doesn't leave those awful furrows in the hair, everything is smooth, soft and gentle.

How to remove a cleanser is a personal matter, it all comes down to texture/material preference, also, what do you want the cloth to do? Just removing the cleanser, yes, of course, but there is something to be said for a gentle exfoliation of the skin as the day is wiped away or you are starting your day and want to feel refreshed. Cloud Cloth know the cut of your cloth and they offer the delightful dual effect cloth, Eco-friendly, no throwing away at the end of the day.

Cloud Cloth are dual-sided, soft cotton for a gentle cleansing of the skin, this side I use first, to remove the majority of my makeup and it works well with a balm, then using a cleansing oil I use the reverse side which has a gentle muslin buffing texture, perfect to exfoliate the skin without scratching the surface of the skin. 
A perfect pairing of cloth and cleanser.

Each of the cloths is produced in a mill in the North of England with a long heritage, the packaging is all recyclable, the brand invests in providing sustainable products and championing wellbeing for all. 
Now, I had a slight problem when it came to washing my cloths, they can be washed by hand or you can pop them in the washing machine, the brand recommends between 30-60C wash, the 60C wash wasn't a success, it sadly tore the cloth apart, luckily, I had only popped one into that wash. Another cloth I washed at 30C, much better, it didn't shrink, but, it was still showing signs of product staining, now, this can happen, depending on the products being used, tomato seed as an ingredient can be a devil to remove from cleansing cloths, so, I knew the cloth was clean, but, stained, however, it kept it's cotton texture and muslin side perfectly, ready to use again. 
The last cloth, I had hand washed, it takes a little time, again, there was no shrinkage of the cloth, the dual sides remained intact, it showed signs of product staining, but, I had used this as a morning cleanse, so it was far less covered in detritus. 
The delicacy of these gentle, but very effective cloths makes them a joy to use, they don't overwork the skin, they do their job and I relished using them. 
For me, I use them to cleanse my face in a morning, they are too pretty, and I know they are only cloths, but, they do leave skin feeling like it's on cloud nine, so, they are special when it comes to cleansing. 
All I'm waiting for now is a cleanser from Cloud Cloth to use with their cloths, hint, hint. 

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