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False Eyelashes are the frame around the picture, mascara goes a long way to bringing a look to its final glamorous reveal, but, false lashes really offer impact and are a stunning way to really present a look. offered me an opportunity to see how far lashes had advanced since my day of lash application and we are talking years. offer a vast selection of lashes, we are talking over 1000, I had two types to try, one full set of lashes from the brand themselves, perfect for shaping the eye and giving a full finish to the lash line, see below my look using these lashes, which were so lightweight and easy to apply. Firstly I tried them against my lash line to see the shape and fit, you can then trim them depending on the shape and look you want, you can also trim the length of them, as I have long lashes I didn't feel I needed to alter them, but they are very easy to shape. 

In my twenties, I applied lashes using my long nails, ah the days when housework wasn't a priority, now, well, my nails are much shorter and yes you can use tweezers to assist in placing lashes, however, have this amazing tool, which made placing and moving the lashes so easy, great control, a great shape for pushing the lashes into place, I loved it and found it very straightforward to use. 

From the full-on lashes, you can move to Wispies which make it great infill when lashes thin out or you lose areas along the lash line, they are more natural in the finish and can be added, shaped and trimmed to suit the area you want to apply them. I use Wispies in tiny amounts and build up the outer lash area, it gives a subtle bulk to lashes and a more natural look even with mascara applied. 

False Lashes have been a wonderful 'return' discovery, they are certainly more light-weight, more adaptable to eye shape, they can be re-used and the glue doesn't leave me worried I may never unglue the lashes from my lids. I was thrilled how easy I found the application, the tool certainly helped, they just relaxed into place and sat perfectly. I do find one eye easier than other, so, don't panic, the glue is sticky after several adjustments. 
With so much choice, you can go from very subtle to full on Pantomime Dame if that's your thing, all you need to do is decide what's right for you, please remember not all lashes come with glue, so, do check. The Ardel lashes I received did have Duo glue in the pack the others didn't. 
I can now join the Instagram love for lashes with #welovelashes
Check online for discounts, they currently have a spooky 20% off now! 

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