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MissGuided, my ode to oud

MissGuided has moved fragrance from the sweet Babe Powder to the exotic Babe Oud, offering the zesty orange and lemon laced perfume with the warmth of bergamot and neroli.

MissGuided has the fragrance presented in an innovative tin, it certainly adds to the eclectic look of a dressing table. 
The sleek black shiny metal with rose gold font really stands out and introduces the warmth and sweetness of the fragrance perfectly. The ring pull depresses down and reveals the Babe Oud softly to the skin, leaving a veil of luxury. 

From the first spritz, you embrace the bergamot and baies rose, then the notes of zesty orange and lemon lift the fragrance taking the floral to a fruity level. Neroli, black pepper, oud and red fruit add depth and warmth as the middle notes with cedar, vetiver, patchouli and tonka signing off this rich fragrance. 

Babe Oud offers something different, a strong yet gentle layering of Eastern promise. This fragrance melts into a spicy, sweet and zesty perfume, which sits perfectly whether worn through the day or taken into the evening, it exudes sophistication and confidence. The peppery scent sits perfectly with me, I adore the warmth, the richness I am aware of as I go about my day, it changes, lemons, rose then vetiver with that hint of patchouli visiting occasionally to the senses. 
This is a leather chair by an open fire, logs burning, a book to hand and a hot chocolate, maybe even a whiskey, just sitting on a small mahogany table. You can imagine it all, with this MissGuided Babe Oud you don't have to imagine, you can buy the dream and smell it for yourself, a perfect option for a gift any time of year, but, maybe the festive period is a good place to start. 

Check out MissGuided or  The Fragrance Shop for this babe of a fragrance.

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