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The KORRES of much love - Wild Rose Exfoliating Cleanser

Korres have Korres'd me much love, this exfoliating cleanser slipped nicely into my morning routine, your skincare routine definitely comes up roses with this skincare bloom. This is a brand who offers an experience, not just a product, from the initial scent to the softness of the consistency, this is luxury and care.

Korres give you the best packaging for this cleansing and brightening product, a squeeze delivers a soft grainy cream with the scent of a rose garden to the palm of your hand. It softens with warmth, blends over the face and almost melts, wild roses warm the senses, relaxing the mind, encouraging the relaxed application and massage of the product.

Apply to a wet skin and massage over the face, this is the perfect soap-free way to a relaxed morning routine which awakens the skin without stripping it and leaving it dehydrated. 
The Wild Rose offers a warm sweet scent rather than one that is overly floral, delivering Vitamin C to the face and neck, a great ingredient for healing, softening and hydrating the skin. The exfoliating texture derived from cherry stones and rice seeds are encased in a creamy consistency, it doesn't scratch the face when washed away, skin is smoother and brighter, one of the few exfoliants that don't leave my skin red when it is removed. This rich, creamy consistency makes it easier to work with, it smooths, it lifts away dead skin cells without being abrasive and rebalances my skin. 

As part of my routine, I use this every other morning, although it does sneak into my evening routine when I need that extra bit of skin softening, it works superbly to prepare my skin before using a powdered mask. I am careful with the products I use since my skin became unruly, the comfort of the scent, the quality of the cleansing experience makes this not only effective but it gives me pleasure using a product that doesn't cause any discomfort.

Korres Wild Rose Exfoliating Cleanser gives you roses round the door, well, the scent fills your bathroom and it's one of the most effective, yet, gentle exfoliators I have used. 

More to come on the Wild Rose Range in the coming months, serum and moisturiser coming your way. 

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