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MOR candle - give me MOR

MOR Scented Home Library Pomegranate & Cassis Luxury Candle

Candles, as a child they were something kept in the cupboard under the stairs for those emergencies when the electricity went out, dark streets, dark house, it was like something out of a horror movie, complete blackness. Candles, with wicks as long as my arm were lit, it was all very Dickensian. So, I completely understand why my parents were flummoxed about my obsession with scented candles in my late teens, they were lit for no purpose than to scent my bedroom and look pretty, to my dad, they were a fire hazard. Decades have passed and now, I still love a pretty candle, the casing as important as the candle itself, because, it is crazy, some candles will never be lit.

There is so much more to MOR than many candles, the presentation is as important as the candle itself, how gorgeous is the glass jar holding onto the pure hand-poured soy wax candle, this gives a cleaner burn, topped with a copper lid & swinging bookmark declaring the fruity, warm and spicy flavours of the wax wonder. For a refreshing option, this a great choice, although base noted are cedarwood and cinnamon, this is lifted and refreshed with top and heart notes of orange, raspberry, apple, cassis, pomegranate and jasmine.

MOR has quite a selection of candles, great scent choices and the stunning presentation make them great ideas for gifts for all occasions. I am guilty of lighting a candle, checking out the scent and then 'saving it', it's so silly, they are there to be appreciated to be lit and the scent enfold every corner of the home, but some are more decorative and I just can't bring myself to light them. Let me tell you, this Pomegranate & Cassis filled my home with such a gorgeous warm fruity scent, I inhaled, sighed and inhaled more, it really freshens rooms and isn't too heavy if you like to burn a candle for a long time. Even the 'husband' wasn't too displeased about the scent drifting towards his nostrils, he is well known for his dislike of anything remotely scented and decorative, yes, candles, he really dislikes them, maybe, at last, I've found a candle that can be classed as husband friendly!


Give me MOR, this was my first experience of the brand and I certainly was de'lighted' to discover such a beautifully chic and clean looking candle could be so rich flavour without being over-powering. From the brass lid to the bookmark tassel dropping from the lid to the candle itself, you get quality. 
Discover MOR here 

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