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BOTANICALS Gentle Cleansing Melt

I personally find it very comforting returning to a brand over and over again, knowing the products work with and for my skin, is so important, and more so now, with my temperamental areas on my cheeks and forehead. Botanicals have always been a lovely brand with effective products and the Gentle Cleansing Melt could not have been more perfect.

Regular readers will know my adoration for most cleansing balms, they are the most luxurious way to remove makeup, SPF, well, they are a treat whether you wear makeup or not. The word 'melt' invokes such wonders, my imagination goes into over-ride, I can almost feel the semi-solid balm melting as I apply it to my face and watch as it lifts my makeup away creating a canvas of Monet like colours. 
I love a 'proper' pot of cleanser, brown glass to stop it degrading in the light, the option to use a spatula, or, if you're like me, digging deep with your fingers. The white balm is solid, but, with the warmth of hands and fingers this soon does the 'melt' part, it softens and glides over the face, lifting makeup, everything is removed gently, mascara lifted away, red lipstick is diluted to a raspberry pink, then using the cloth that's provided with the cleanser the face is cleaned. 

The beauty of the Gentle Cleansing Melt from Botanicals is it keeps my skin balanced, I don't want it stripped of its natural oils, I need it comforted, cleaned and as healthy as possible. The 'melt', lifts away detritus without stripping the skin,  there is also a rose & camellia option for dry and mature skin. 
I had the cleanser for normal, combination and sensitive skin, this features ingredients of lavender, chamomile, coconut oil, castor and sunflower oil, all working to soothe, calm and keep the skin balanced. 
So little is needed of this cleanser for it to be effective and lift away the day, a small finger scoop onto a dry face is all, then just blend, it does melt on contact with the skin and feels slick to work with, there is no resistance it almost oozes, using a damp cloth makeup is lifted away leaving skin clean, soft and not dry at all, it doesn't irritate my already 'annoyed' areas, they are softer and not as angry. 
When it comes to gentle, caring, soothing and a cleanser that doesn't strip the skin, this has been lovely to use as part of my evening skincare routine, I always use it as a first cleanse, it's the perfect way to begin putting my skin to bed. 

There is something for everyone with the Botanicals range, and certainly, it's a perfect shopping experience for gifts or for something for yourself. 
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