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COMING TO A HANDBAG NEAR YOU - Handbag Essentials For The Party Season

What do you carry in your bag over the festive frivolities?, well, it depends on the size of the bag and in my case I need to edit the amount I carry, I do have a severe case of 'what if'.

I do love to keep my fragrance topped up, it's almost without thought that a visit to the bathroom also involves the following routine, fragrance, spray, or in this case using the roller ball application from MissGuided to every inch of skin.

Check the hair, mine goes flat no matter how long I have spent working on its fullness, so dry mists or shampoo are perfect, this tiny size from Design Me takes up little space, but, packs a powerful hair-raising punch.

Mascara, the sample sizes or the half sizes that brands offer are perfect just to pop into a handbag, I do love lashings & lashings of mascara, basically, apply until you have to tip your head back to get your eyes open. My favourite, well, one of my many favourites Urban Decay Perversion mascara.

I always take concealer with me, if there are any face mishaps it is the quick solution to rectifying any problems. Laura Geller Filter First is so lightweight and is a great option for layering, it never looks caked. 

Pressed powder is a must for me, I do love a sheen to my skin, but in a crowded room, it soon goes from that attractive glow to a melting amalgamation of makeup.
A soft focus powder like the Too Faced Banana pressed compact gives that filtered look to makeup without sitting and accentuating pores and fine lines. 

Red Lipstick, not just for Christmas in my book, but, I always take the lipstick I am wearing with me, although the limited edition Lisa Eldridge Velvet Ribbon has the longevity, it's good for me to know I have it in case I need to top my lipstick up, also, it can be used as blusher as well. 

Add phone, tissues, keys, money, paracetamol & plasters then I'm ready to party! - and no, I don't always succeed in my editing, especially if the heels come out to play, then I always have a pair of flats to carry as well! 

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