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Kiss imPRESS nails - making an impression

I once had a false nail ping from my hand and into a freezer at a local supermarket, it was lightweight, plastic, not a great shape you had to have them long, pointy and as I proved they were not conducive with daily life. They also involved "glue" or a weak sticky pad that clung to every bit of my hand before I managed to attach it to the nail. The glue pulled the surface of the nail away when the time came to remove them, the pads, well, nails were lost left, right and in supermarket freezers! Let's fast forward from the '90s to 2018/19 and Kiss imPRESS press on manicure.

The ease, I mean, I have the patience of a three-year-old, if things don't work straight away, well, I'm not thrilled. Kiss imPress nails give you gorgeous colours, easy to apply nails and the opportunity to create a unique look, it's exclusive and you can nail it in seconds!
The pack featured comes with an emery board, nail wipe to ensure the nail is super clean and orange stick (a manicure Moses) to push back those cuticles and finally, a gorgeous selection of 30 nail sizes and colours, these vary depending on the pack.
Each nail has a plastic tab, you can see there is tiny lip and that indicates to place the nail downwards towards the cuticle, once you're happy the nail is the correct size, peel away the tab, place the gel nail over your own nail, press into place and continue with your creation until all ten fingers are 'impressed', literally.

I love having the choice to leave the nails a nice length, perfect for me if I am going out, but, the biggest change from those pesky plastic nails of the 90's is the option to shape them to suit your style and needs. I choose to cut them down and file them to a square, rounded shape. The finish was perfect, the nails looked tidy, fitted well, I was able to type and hadn't any of the worries of spoiling the nails before they had dried fully. 
With no chipping, a great fit and nails that create an individual look, these last for ages, two weeks and two days, mine would have stayed longer if I hadn't decided to remove them so I could feedback to you. 
I soaked one hand in warm water, you could remove them after a bath when nails are still soft, the nail and adhesive came away as one, the other hand I left dry, it took a little more effort but, I used the orange stick and agitated the adhesive, then peeled away from the nail again and everything came away as one. My nails showed no damage and there was no residue, I wiped over them with nail polish remover to clean the whole nail of any unseen minute adhesive bits. 
Whenever I have natural nails I use a nail oil and did after removing the imPress nails, my nails were fine and I painted them a day later, they showed no signs of distress or damage. 
For the price of high-street nail polish, you have a full manicure to hand, seconds to apply, easy to create an individual look and you can style them to the length that suits you. With no damage to your nails, the option to change a look quickly and easily, well, I've been impressed, now it's your turn, find the range at Superdrug stores or online here

Kiss imPress has your manicure in hand, get ready to be impressed.

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