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HEMPZ - Herbal Bath Salts - bathing beauty

When Sunday evening was bath night as a child it involved my mum shouting me in, yes, in front of my friends and I was always the first to have to go in, it thoroughly irritated me and no amount of discussion would convince my mother that a little later wouldn't hurt. 'I don't care what the others are doing, you're my concern', was the standard reply. What followed was a small amount of warmish water, bubbles, thanks to sailor adorned bottle and that was it, basic & effective.
Now, well - it's water to the point of spilling over, candles, a good book and some rather relaxing and fragrant bath salts from Hempz.

Hempz has the perfect blend if you require relaxation, calm, but, with a hint of fruitiness. Lavender carries the day away, rising to the bathroom ceiling and disappearing into the night, with a good book and candles flickering, the scent calms me to the point of being ready for my bed a good couple of hours earlier than planned. Chamomile adds to the calm & its natural healing properties can certainly soothe if you are feeling unwell. Ginger lurks within, excellent ingredient if you're feeling sick or suffer from travel sickness, shea butter to ensure as you soak your skin is hydrated. I love that this Blueberry fruity calming mix doesn't dissipate within seconds and the whole bathroom carries a fruity warmth throughout my soak.

Hempz Bath Salts are very fine, they don't feel grainy at the bottom of the bath and swishing as you add them creates that warming scent that carried from the bathroom throughout the house. Bath Salts fit the mood well, it's serious bathing but with the pleasure of the scents and the healing and calming properties included, grown-up bathing let's say. Bubbles have their place, but, when you are the cleaner of the bathroom, the effort to get rid of the foaming suds can be a pain, salts leave willingly, quickly and often wave you off with a final note of their warming fragrance as they are swished down the plughole. 
Salts have many benefits and Hempz include chamomile which is a natural anti-im-inflammatory, lavender which calms, soothes and is very good for anxious minds, blueberries, well, eating them is exceptionally good for you, in my book, if it works internally, then there has to be benefits on the outer body, certainly the scent lifts the mood. 

Hempz Blueberry, Lavender & Chamomile Bath Salts will have you hooked on 'bath night' again. 

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