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Skincare is such a personal thing, brands and products work for you, if they don't, well, they will certainly work for someone else. The joy is when you love a brand and every product you've used has worked and benefitted your skin. Emma Hardie is exactly that brand for me, this time it's another beauty from the Midas Touch range, the Revitalising Cream.

A twist of the EH letter adorned lid then lift away the protective cap, a rather superior cream is revealed. Rich, glossy and outstanding for delivering hydration, my skin glows when I've applied this, also, it leaves that 'slip' of product behind, which I love, I find makeup always works better for me with a little extra skincare to work with. Revitalising in many ways, this cream soothes my skin, this helps me feel more comfortable about the product I am applying, I see instantly brighter, bouncier and smoother skin. After using azelaic acid, I find this moisturiser a saviour for the dehydrated areas of skin, they are soothed and smoothed almost instantly. 
Although a fairly new product to my morning routine I just instantly knew it was going to be a harmonious skincare relationship, I love the creamy texture, it has density, it means business, but it's not greasy, it works softly and easily into the skin, a little 'really' goes a long way, my skin springs into life and I LOVE that ethereal glow to my skin.

Emma Hardie has created a rich blend that gives this cream its outstanding hydration, protecting and soothing properties. Hyaluronic to boost that hydration, tightening and smoothing arrive from the natural peptides gained from avocado and anti-oxidant properties of edelweiss stem cells. Moringa, evening primrose and rosehip nourish and soothe leaving the protection from pollutants and toxins to Vitamin E.

Emma Hardie, in this case, has developed a moisturiser that not only makes skin luminous, hydrated and feels soft to the touch, but, it also works on sensitive skin, which because I now have that to contend with, I appreciate and applaud products that work, soothe and care. 
One skin care product that is must for adorning your dressing table, a brand that always encourages and helps me to LOVE MY SKIN and continues to support and protect my skin each day. 

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