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Too Faced Peach Perfect Foundation - feeling peachy [ad/pr/affiliate]

I'm feeling rather peachy about this Too Faced Peach Perfect Matte foundation, isn't it wonderful when something just works well for you, really works and you never lose the pleasure when you use it. This has become intrinsically one of my 'essential' makeup items. 

Lightweight tube packaging and a pump dispenser gives you exact control of the amount of foundation you use and it's 48ml, you get a lot of peach for your money.
This matte base doesn't flatten the features of the face, it is a gem of a foundation, this balances a medium coverage, with an almost mousse texture and gives the perfect finish to the skin, not matte in the dry sense of the word, it takes away the shine, but, for anyone oily/combination like myself, it gives that healthy glow I aspire to, I love dewy.
I use the shade Light Beige, I find applying with a large-headed tightly packed foundation/buffing brush really gives a beautiful finish to the skin and I finish with a damp sponge to really press the product onto my skin, it leaves the most even canvas.

Too Faced always deliver with their makeup, from the packaging to the results,  you have delicately dropped into the world of makeup artist worthy products, this foundation would certainly work well on most skin types giving a velvety finish to the skin. There is also a delicate fruity scent to this product, it is infused with peach and sweet fig cream. 
A comfortable, smooth, soft focus product that embraces the face and gives hours of staying power, it also won't transfer on clothing, which for me is a huge blessing, I feel the distance from my face to my collars is not vast and my blouses are often swatched with foundation, unintentionally. 
Ready for dessert?
Get your peaches and cream here - Too Faced

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