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The Nest Candle Company - Soleil, the scent of Summer [affiliated]

Nest Candle Company have encompassed summer in this opaque glass jar filled with 100% Soy candle, Soleil.

Summer, 1970's, this is where I am transported when my Soleil candle is lit, yes, I remember the 70's, the heat, the innocence of being a child and playing outdoors in the school holidays, nothing darkening my imaginary world. A world of Sindy dolls, ice lollies and our local ice-cream company that made plain ice-cream taste so much more, Doubtfire, my goodness, a hint of coconut scooped and dropped onto a cone with red syrup oozing over the top, this candle evokes the warmth, the coconut, the gloopy, heavily scented suntan lotions that left you covered in thick white cream.
I move this candle around the house, whichever room I'm in, it accompanies me, the scent is uplifting, bergamot, coconut, rich amber, vanilla, almond, orange, this clean burning candle knocks many an 'overpriced, but we pay for the name' candle off the shelf. 
I love the clean packaging, neat, simple and the scent does the talking, ideal as a gift, buy two, YOU WILL want one, mark my words. 
Time to light up your summer with Nest Candle Co, there are other scented choices, so envoke those memories here

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