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iT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer Illumination [pr/affiliate]

The Holy Grail in terms of makeup is often concealer, people looking for 'the' concealer, it needs to cover, conceal, not cake, not sit and not be drying. Oddly, as with many things, I feel I have found this wondrous item and then several months later I am searching longingly, again, so, iT Cosmetics broke this search with their original Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer, I completely obsessed over it.
Then they taunted me with the new launch of Bye Bye Under Eye Illumination.
Feeling very fortunate to receive pr of this new launch I was immediately taken with the brightness it created under some very tired eyes that I often display.
So, what does it do and how does it differ from the original? Both are highly pigmented, waterproof, full coverage and both you need so little of the product to give amazing results.
They apply superbly well when warmed between fingers and patted into place, I generally give a final press into place with a damp sponge.
Now let's talk illumination, the differing factor is the radiance this new launch gives to the under eye area and further areas of the face, I feel this works superbly well in the triangle application along the side of the nose and outwards, it really lifts that area. It's also a great option to use as a foundation, though a darker tone may be needed if you're doing more than concealing.
I have the shade light-medium and found the radiance aspect a joy, especially with my dark circles and general grey complexion. The photo below shows the tone and application to the left eye, with the right eye untouched, a foundation has been applied to the face.
The delicacy of this formula has always been the reason that I feel my concealer search is over, it does what it says, it doesn't cake under the eye, it never dries down to the point of accentuating fine lines and it's amazing value for money, you get one packed tube of product. Using Hydrolized collagen to give that glow, this is why it works not only as a concealer but as a foundation if needed, then peptides, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants retain moisture and protect the skin.
Sublime is a word I often use because I am fortunate to find products that are just 'me', they work, they are effective, this is the answer when you need that lift, literally. The original is my number one favourite, it really does offer the answer to concealing anything and everything, this is a very very close second, you get the coverage with the added pizazz of illumination.
Let me illuminate the way for you, here's the link to the answer to which is the 'one' concealer you'd never be without iTCosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Illumination

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