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I had a moment, regular readers will know that 'occasionally' every day my eye is taken by colour, shade or packaging, I then reason with myself why I don't need 'said' product and then buy it. Smashbox collaboration with Vlada Haggerty was heaven to rose gold fanatics, my heart beat faster the moment I saw the Petal Metal highlighter.

From the rose effect etched casing, the intricate design atop the lid is just perfection, catching the light you see the depths of the rose. Open up and I imagine this is the Pandora's box of highlighters. The packed powder is moulded into a soft rose shape, the pinky gold colour glows and my brush dithers, do I really want to disrupt this beauty before me?
I go in and scatter specks of rose gold powder across the palette, softening the hard lines of the powder, the brush glistens with rose. The colour is soft, a gentle touch of pink with a sweep I have a sheen to the face with warmth, thanks to the pink tone of the powder. It is as delicate as the dripping petals forming in the centre of the powder. I have also found it a warm enough shade, and too sparkly for using on the eye, ideal for highlighting the inner corner and just a little over the lip gives that perfect cupid's bow.
The day I stop seeing and 'feeling' colour is the day I know that my beauty days are over. I love that I still get such pleasure from creating a look or seeing a product and just absorbing the colour, it's a journey, I can't paint, but I can throw makeup on my face, my canvas and create my version of a painting.
All it takes is a colour, a product to start the creative process, makeup is many things, it works for the individual, there are no rules, it is an open book.


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